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Drilling For Spring

This week, NBC excitedly proclaimed that 117 million people are being exposed to below-normal temperatures. I guess context is everything — what they meant was, it’s April, and while temperatures are in the 40s and 50s, it is colder than normal, not sub-zero conditions. My suggestion? Break out a sweater.

The fact is we are seeing crazy temperature swings country-wide. Managing Editor Sandi Duncan was in Waco, Texas this past weekend and it was in the mid 40s. For those of us living in northern states, it has been a late start to spring. Quite possibly, we could go straight to summer.

Just for the heck of it, I went to my cottage on Echo Lake in central Maine on Saturday (April 7, 2018). Normally, we’d be open-water fishing by now (fishing season starts April 1 in Maine). Most years my docks and boats would already be in place waiting for the water to approach 70 degrees to start tubing. But you guessed it, it’s still a “sea” of white. So I drilled a hole and found we still have over 20” of ice yet to melt. That, plus a few inches of snow still on the lawn, makes spring seem like a distant dream.

If you have never seen a hole being drilled, here it is. Take a look. No sweater needed.

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