Drying a Bouquet of Hydrangeas Naturally

Hydrangeas are an old fashioned, favorite flower that many remember from their grandmother’s yard. In summer, the bushes fill out nicely with lovely, flowering balls. With all the different varieties and colors now available, the Hydrangea has regained popularity.

Late summer is the perfect time to naturally preserve those lovely blooms. Hydrangeas must be the easiest flowers to dry. Clip as many blooms are you’d like to bring indoors, leaving some stem attached, so it can be easily arranged. It’s not necessary to hang them upside down to dry. Remove all the leaves from the stems and arrange in a vase, without water, to allow natural drying.

Dried Hydrangeas provide a lovely way to keep bouquets of real flowers indoors year round, and are especially nice for those that don’t like artificial flowers.

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