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Easter Candy Everywhere

According to the National Confectioner’s Association, Easter is the second most important candy-eating holiday (behind Halloween) for Americans. In 2001, we consumed 7 billion pounds of candy!

Sweet Statistics:
* Ninety million chocolate Easter bunnies are produced each year.
* Adults prefer milk chocolate (65%), to dark chocolate (27%).
* According to Just Born Inc., the company which makes Marshmallow Peeps ®, each Easter season, Americans buy more than 700 million Peeps, making them the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy.
* 16 million jellybeans are eaten during Easter!

Non-Candy Easter Traditions
Hot cross buns were among the earliest Easter treats. They were made by European monks and given to the poor during Lent.

Pretzels were originally associated with Easter. The twists of a pretzel were thought to resemble arms crossed in prayer.

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