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Our 2015 winter weather forecast has generated a lot of buzz with the media lately, resulting in some in-studio visits for editor Peter Geiger. Take a listen to one of the radio interviews here!

We have had an exciting couple of weeks here at Farmers Almanac with the launch of our 2015 edition hitting retail store shelves. Interviews (in person and by phone) have been the order of the day for both Sandi Duncan and me, as we spread the word about this wonderful little book that’s been in continuous publication since 1818. The hot topic, of course, is the frosty weather prediction.

As you know by now, we’re predicting lots of “shivery” and “shovelry” for just about everyone across the US and Canada for this coming winter. That news has generated a lot of buzz with the media, and most certainly a lot of smiles from owners of ski resorts, snowmobile clubs and the like. And while I like to remind people that the Farmers’ Almanac has been publishing a lot more than long-range weather predictions for 198 years, that is the subject that garners the most attention this time of year.

One of the bigger media outlets in the Greater Portland, Maine area invited me in to talk on-air about the new edition, which I gladly accepted. Each of the morning show personalities had their copy in hand, which they excitedly thumbed through, learning things as they did.  For me, as editor, it is very gratifying to see people of all ages enjoying the Farmers’ Almanac so much. Be sure to get your copy and enjoy it regardless of the season or weather.

Here’s how one of those interviews went. We had a lot of fun! If there is a station in your  community that I should be on, send the radio station’s call letters and host’s name and I’ll do the rest.

Farmers' Almanac - Weather forecasting
Peter Geiger

Peter Geiger is the Editor of the Farmers' Almanac. Read his full biography.

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