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Finding Time

As we go through life, we realize that time not only goes faster and faster, but that it’s also a precious commodity that often gets used up way too quickly.  How do we find the time to do all the things we want to do?

For example, I’d love to be a bit more on top of both saving money at the grocery store and planning out meals for the week ahead. It makes sense and I know in the long run, doing these things would save me time and perhaps money, but how do you find the time to sit down and cut coupons or make that menu list?

Is there a secret that I have yet to find about finding and making time to do all the things on my to do list? Or does it all go back to prioritizing?

Does making a list help? I know lists keep me more organized when I actually make them. I often do this for my workday, but usually neglect to include some personal things on the to do list.

Support. Maybe you should enlist the help of others to help you with your goals and quests to find time. I have asked for input from my children about planning menus and it hasn’t gone very well, but perhaps I need to really discuss this in great detail with them and assign them one or two meals a week. Thus the responsibility is shared.

New Habits. While I am busy working all day and then running kids here and there, I do usually find a little time to unwind at night. Maybe I need to bring a piece of paper and pen when I’m sitting in front of the TV so I can start my menu and shopping list. Granted some nights I just need to veg out and not do anything, but perhaps by forming a new habit, it will stick and I’ll find the time to accomplish specific goals.

Keep it simple. There are so many things that I would like to try to perhaps do better or start doing, but I know I can’t do them all. So I’ll try keeping my list simple and approaching two, no three things for the upcoming new month. March is almost here and with you all as my witness, March is my month to find the time to accomplish a few things (save money at grocery store, plan menus, and eat a bit healthier) that have been on my mind for awhile now.

I’ll let you know how I’m doing soon. In the mean time if you have any secrets on ways to find time, please share them with me here. Do you make lists? If you made resolutions, how are they going? Any and all ideas welcome.

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