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An Onion a Day, May Help Keep Cholesterol Down

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An Onion a Day, May Help Keep Cholesterol Down

Eating onions for better health isn’t a new idea. Some of the first Olympic athletes used to eat onions and garlic to improve their blood circulation.

Current research suggests that the sulfur compounds that give onions their particular flavor, may help reduce cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. There’s also evidence that some of the chemicals in onions reduce your risk of developing stomach cancer. Some studies reveal that onions act as blood thinners in animals.

Most of the onion’s beneficial qualities come from compounds near the surface, such as the quercetin in red onions. When preparing onions, try to peel as little as possible.

To get the greatest potential, you have to eat robust, raw onions. Cooking kills the beneficial compounds in onions. (Vidalia onions are a good choice as they are sweeter, with a more mild taste.)

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