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Yes, You Can Grill That!

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Yes, You Can Grill That!

More and more of us are looking for opportunities to eat the freshest and least-processed foods, and grilling — not limited to summer BBQs anymore — is a great way to help us cook and eat healthier. Think of any category or group of food or any type of meal, and you can be sure a grilled version is an option. Why not try some of these ideas?

Breakfast – We often think of grilling as limited to an afternoon or evening meal, but why not consider breakfast on the grill? There are few things more enjoyable than drinking coffee and reading the paper outside in the cool of a summer morning; try grilling some French toast kebabs or a grilled breakfast pizza.

Pizza – Is there a type of pizza that doesn’t lend itself to the grill? Make your own whole wheat crust, and get creative with your toppings. If you’re short on time, use a pre-made crust, pita bread, tortillas, or wraps, or pick up some naan and give your grilled pizza an Indian twist by using garlic, onions, spinach, Indian spices, pistachios, and paneer (Indian cheese) or farmer’s cheese. Toss it on lightly oiled grates until your toppings are hot and cheese is melted.

Vegetables – Grilled vegetables are delectable on the grill. Corn, mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini are among the more traditional options. Portabellas hot off the grill and combined with basil, tomatoes, and feta makes an incredibly satisfying and sumptuous meal. Slice onions thickly, halve peppers, and slice zucchini lengthwise, brush with olive oil, sprinkle generously with salt and pepper, and grill until desired doneness.

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More unusual selections include artichokes, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, kale, and romaine. For extra-flavorful results, marinate them in your favorite dressing in advance, or keep them simple with olive oil, sea salt, and fresh pepper. Kale, which can be a bit tough, becomes crispy and wilted when grilled. Enjoy it on its own, or add it to salads for a different kind of crunch. Use grilled romaine for the next Caesar salad you serve to summer guests, or surprise them even more with a charred, smoky salad of grilled romaine with blue cheese and bacon. Either way, you’ll set their taste buds on fire.

Fruit – Why not end the day with a grilled treat? Consider grilling your favorite tropical fruits–such as slices of mango, papaya, pineapple, or even watermelon, either plain or lightly flavored with fresh ginger and honey.  Or this all-time summer favorite: grilled peaches. They’re unbelievably luscious on their own or with a bit brown sugar and cinnamon. When you melt some bittersweet chocolate on top of them, the result is awe-inspiring!

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WOW,another great post, thank you so much!

2 Florentina Anable { 06.30.16 at 4:07 am }

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3 Coy Allen { 06.26.14 at 4:33 pm }

Mr. Food of TV has a very tasty fun receipe for Beer Can Chicken on the grill. We tried it and it is great; will do again.

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