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Category — Food and Recipes

5 Best Spinach Recipes

Here are 5 of our Farmers’ Almanac favorites that incorporate Popeye’s favorite leafy green. Dig in!

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Delicious Recipes To Make With A Can of White Beans

Budget-friendly white beans are packed with health benefits. Try these delicious and easy recipes where this versatile legume is the star of the show.

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Easy, Yummy Scotch Eggs

Sausage and eggs come together to create this delicious gastropub staple. Learn a bit of history and try our easy, traditional recipe.

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Easy No-Wait Holiday Fruitcake

This recipe uses your favorite dried fruits and nuts and doesn’t require weeks of waiting. Perfect for gift giving this holiday season!

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Lemon Thyme Chicken

This easy-to-make recipe uses budget-friendly chicken thighs and gets a burst of flavor from fresh lemons and thyme. It will become a new family favorite!

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Delicious Cranberry and Chestnut Stuffing

This festive stuffing brings together all the wonderful flavors of the holiday in one dish!

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Apple Scrap Jelly

Waste not, want not, we always say. Save those cores and peels from pie making and create a delicious jelly. Get the recipe here!

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Spicy Lemon and Curry Chicken Soup

This soup is a delicious, lemony take on a classic favorite, and a perfect warm-up meal for cool fall or winter nights. It wow’ed the judges in our 2016 Lemon Recipe Contest!

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