Fun In Maine In The Winter


Chatting with friends up and down the East Coast today I realize that it is numbingly cold. Sandi in New Jersey is at 16 but it will dip to -1 degree tonight. In Savannah, Ga. it was a balmy 19 degrees.  My morning started at -23 degrees ( – 40 wind-chill). and  will be -8 tonight. We’ll see some snow on Sunday. Tonight, I am going to my camp to water down a skating rink on the lake.
In Maine the lakes freeze solid – about 16 inches of ice right now. :Last weekend, I took my snowblower to the ice and carved out a skating rink 125′ x 70′. Tonight I will drill  through the ice, connect a garden hose to  a submersible pump, and toss it in the water. I throw the switch and then pump about 4,000 gallons of water per hour to build a layer of smooth ice over the lake ice. So, that is what we do to have fun in Maine on a Friday night during the winter.
Tomorrow, I’ll try my hand at ice fishing… stay tuned to my giant Fish stories next week.

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