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Get Paid To Clean Your House!

Get Paid To Clean Your House!

Would you like to get paid for spring cleaning your home and garage? Decluttering room-by-room, including the attic, basement, closets, drawers, bookcases and storage shelves has its rewards. It certainly makes the house easier to maintain afterwards, and you can turn unwanted or rarely used items into cash.

Electronic Devices
Selling used cell phones, iPhones, iPads, iPods, game consoles, and other electronic devices is easy to do online. Buying sites will pay you cash for your working or damaged devices. USell allows you to specify the model and condition of the device you want to sell on their website. Then they’ll show you offers from a network of professional buyers for your device. You choose the buyer and mail in your device for payment.

Used Textbooks
Sell used college and school textbooks, novels, and children’s books.  If you’re an avid series novel reader, it doesn’t take long to acquire a collection of paperback books. Check with your local used book dealer for buy back or trade-in book exchanges. You can also sell used books on Amazon.com or on local sale groups on Facebook. If you home school, search Facebook for specific groups to post used home school textbooks you want to sell.

Amy Beth Knight, co-owner of Infinity-books.com offers this advice for college students or recent graduates, “Selling your used textbooks for money is easy! If you used them within the last 2 semesters, they are probably still being used at the university and you can take them back to your college bookstore for cash. Another easy way to get rid of your old textbooks is by selling them online at Textbook Maniac. Not only do they buy current textbooks, but old ones as well. Simply enter the ISBN on the back of your book into the search bar and the website will tell you how much they are paying for the book. After you ship them off, you will receive a check in the mail! It’s a pretty great way to make money and de-clutter your house at the same time.”

Gift Cards
Do you have unwanted gift cards?  Don’t leave that money in a drawer collecting dust, when you can sell them online. There are several websites that give you cash in exchange for gift cards.  Some sites require a minimum balance of $25.00 on the card. Gift cards yield payouts ranging from about 65% to as much as 96% of the card value, depending on the store the card is from and the website you choose. The amount you’ll receive varies from site-to-site, so check several web sources for the best deal before cashing yours in.  Here are a few sites to start your search: CardCash and Cardpool.

Baby Items
Baby beds and swings, high chairs, playpens, and car seats take up a lot of storage space, and don’t improve with age. Yet these items are always in demand. Post a photograph of your baby item on Facebook and cross post it on local sale group pages.  If it doesn’t sell on Facebook, then you can advertise it on Craigslist.com.

Free your closets of clutter by turning unwanted clothes and the dozen purses you have stuffed in a cabinet into cash. It’s time to sort through spring and summer clothing in your closet and pull out those items that you no longer want. Consignment shops will sell your gently worn, current styles of quality clothing for the season at hand, as well as handbags, belts, scarves, and shoes. You’ll receive a commission after an item has been sold. Contact your local consignment clothing store or their website to read their consignment agreement. Posting clothing items on Facebook in local sale groups is another way to earn more money for clothing than a yard sale typically yields.

What’s in your attic or basement? Is your storage room stacked high with chairs or other furniture? If you have used patio furniture or a porch swing you’d like to sell, it’s the perfect season to put those items on the market while the lovely weather inspires us to spruce up our outdoor living spaces. Post attractive photos of your furniture items on Facebook and cross post it on local sale group pages too. Advertising on your local Craigslist site is another way to sell furniture you no longer need.

Have you sold or plan to sell anything this spring? What’s your strategy?


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  • Susan Higgins says:

    Hi Sid Lane, you should be receiving it shortly. I’ll look into it for you!

  • Wendy Wetzel says:

    Unfortunately, all I have is “Junk”, that no one would want. I just need to haul it all to the dump !!!

  • jennhart42 says:

    OfferUp is another really good place to post your unwanted things.I have sold over $400 worth of things that I normally would have thrown away or given to the Goodwill.LISTEN..even if you dont want it or like it anymore….there is somebody that wants it!
    Believe me! I have made over $400 off of things I cared nothing about. So give it a try!
    OfferUp is an app for any smart phone

  • Sid Lane says:

    approx. a week ago, i ordered a copy a of the 2015 Farmer’s Almanac. I would like to know when I will receive delivery. I think I paid $12.56 which included shipping charges. Hope i wasn’t scammed. Would you pls let me know status? Thanks,

    Sid Lane

  • Pamela Berry says:

    I’m trying to rent my house out to be closer to my children do you have any advice for moving long distance my children and I have had a troubled past I have been missing anything since they left maybe I’m better off not being very close

  • Brie says:

    What do I have to do to make some extra money “just” by cleaning my house?

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