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Preventing Snoring

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Preventing Snoring

Mild snoring unrelated to sleep apnea or other sleep disorders often responds well to home remedies. And solving your snoring problem can result in improved quality of life for both you and your loved ones. Try these self-help tips to alleviate your snoring:

* Get regular, good-quality sleep. Go to bed and get up at the same time each day.
* Stay well-rested. An overtired sleeper will snore.
* Sleep without a pillow. Pillows bend your neck, and a bend in your neck can block your airway.
* Elevate the head of your bed. If you need to have your head higher than your body to sleep (as many sleepers do), elevating the head of your bed will accomplish this without bending your neck.
* Lose weight. Improving your fitness can significantly improve your ability to breathe freely when you sleep.
* Sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back may cause the flesh of your throat to relax and block your airway. Sleeping on your side does not have this effect.
* Avoid eating or drinking before bed. Food or alcohol consumed three or fewer hours before sleep relaxes your muscles and increases the likelihood of snoring.
* Stay fit. Keeping within your weight-range is key to not snoring.

A number of products have been developed to prevent snoring, such as nasal strips, sprays, dilators, and special pillows. Consider all such products with caution, as many have not been proven to significantly affect snoring.

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