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How Do You Unplug?

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How Do You Unplug?

Relaxing and taking some time to breathe easy can make us not only happier, but healthier, too.

We recently asked our friends on Facebook, “How to you unplug? Sometimes it’s hard to sit down and ignore all chores and responsibilities. How do you do it? Read? Take a walk? Do you have to leave the house?” Here is a sampling of the responses we received:

“My favorite way to unwind during the summer is to spend time in my kayak on Echo Lake in Maine. My absolute favorite time is in a kayak at midnight so I can easily pick out favorite constellations, planets and an occasional shooting star or satellite. Kayaking provides training for Giant Pumpkin Regattas during the fall.”
– Peter Geiger, Philom., Farmers’ Almanac Editor

“I like to find a quiet little pond and paddle my canoe among the lilies and dragonflies. If I can’t get away for very long, it’s also nice to just sit on the back porch with my dogs and enjoy the breeze.”
– Jaime McLeod, Farmers’ Almanac Contributing Editor

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“Beach. Just walking or laying out listening to the waves crashing and the sound of distant sea gulls. An early evening stroll at my local favorite walking spot, then ice cream. Backyard barbecues with family or friends.”
– Dick Plourde, Farmers’ Almanac Art Director

“Going to the (air-conditioned) movies.”
– Peter Marra, Farmers’ Almanac Webmaster

“Gardening mostly, or baking. Yesterday I had to take a break and made gluten free blueberry muffins. Today I picked flowers. Ahhh!”
– Barb Yingst Hein

“Believe it or not, I weed my garden. Gets me unwound every time! Plus I get to see my plants and veggies up close and personal!”
– Lise Wandscher Hartman

“I just grab my camera and start shooting.”
– Lee Bennington

“Walking my dog.”
– Linda Bernard Pawlick

“Making paintings, playing guitar or taking a run on my farm.”
– Summer McCoy Hogan

“I smoke my bees.”
– Dean Mosher

“Take time out. Go where the wind takes ya and just soak in nature! Just love to hike through the woods and see the waterfalls.”
– Barbara Reedy

“Water my veggies and plants.”
– Betty Paul Archambeau

– Deanna Wenzlick-Wann

“Sit on porch and watch/listen to nature.”
– Beth Pilkington LaFata

“Sit on the front porch in the nice breeze.”
– Allen Hough

“Find a good movie on TV.”
– Jeanne Eastright Ford

“Playing in the garden. Creating dinner. Escaping into a good book or a favorite movie. Turning everything off, and listening to the wind chimes in my garden. Spending time with close friends.”
– Mary Kate Hall

“When I’m at home or on the weekends, I’m able to go to either of my outdoor pools and it’s like being on vacation. Or I’ll sit on my balcony and just listen to the outdoor sounds, sit on my couch and read, or find a good book to read.”
– Marla Green

“Like the saying says, ‘Take a hike!’ Or I go fishing, work in the garden, work at the food ministry of my church.”
– Jelle Tamminga

“Wake up every morning with my list of things to do. Accomplish most, but not all. Know that there is another day. Call a friend when in need. Talk to my kitty cats. Enjoy all that I have! Have a lovely homemade meal with my favorite wine. Yes!”
– Peg Marietta

“Listen to silence.”
– Margaret Bacon Schulze

“To unwind and relax at the end of day I either knit or crochet. I always have a project going on.”
– Brenda Stone Roberts

“Sunday night porch drinking with close friends. Some beer or wine, laughter, and a cool breeze.”
– Aimee Schmitt

“I like to paint my flower pots with different pictures or ideas that I come up with. This takes total concentration on my part and I just let everything go while I do it.”
– Frances Owens

Be sure to share your favorite ways to relax and rejuvenate below!

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1 Linda { 08.07.16 at 7:23 pm }

Unplug? To me that means to really get away from land phones, cell phones, TV and computer. Going to a different locale where my husband and I can sleep a lot, walk a lot, have quiet little lunches, and just be on our own to talk a lot, too! I guess I’m saying I like to get away from our normal routines and just have a sense of freedom. That is just the very best scenario!

2 Casey Morris { 08.07.16 at 5:56 pm }

I go to my family’s hunting cabin. No cell phone service and not a single wire or cord going in or out. It’s heaven.

3 Layne { 07.29.12 at 3:14 pm }

I like to unplug at the lake fishing

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