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Relax! You Deserve It!

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Relax! You Deserve It!

August 15 is a day anyone can appreciate. It is a day everybody has permission to kick back and relax. Believe it or not, it’s National Relaxation Day! Most people go through life in such a rush that by the time the day is over, they are exhausted physically and mentally. National Relaxation Days offers Americans an excuse to practice the mode of relaxation that brings them the most pleasure. While I am sure most readers know what gets them in the stress-free zone, here are a few ways people can cheaply indulge on National Relaxation Day!

– Get A Massage — Why not trek down to your local massage therapy school and let the therapists in training give you an affordable massage? While receiving a professional massage can cost upward $50, allowing a massage therapy student to soothe those tired, achy muscles with just the right amount of pressure can be experienced for half, sometimes less, than what a professional charges.

– Listen to Music — Scientific research and anecdotal evidence suggests when people listen to soothing music they consider appealing, it managed pain, improved mood and mobility, reduced the need for pain relievers and sedatives accompanied with surgery, relieved anxiety, lowered blood pressure, eased depression and enhanced concentration and creativity.

– Yoga — According to the Mayo Clinic website, yoga can result in stress reduction, “With its quiet, precise movement, yoga draws your focus away from your busy, chaotic day and toward calm as you move your body through poses that require balance and concentration.”

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– Schedule a Pedicure — These visits can cost as little as $20. In addition to being cleaned, feet are often soaked in a whirlpool and the soles scraped to remove dead skin. A foot massage generally follows. It pays to search for the shop in town that offers the most bang for your buck. While sitting for the pedicure, many shops offer a massage chair for customers to sink into and relax while being serviced. Some shops even offer shoulder and neck rubs and a glass of wine. For $20, that’s what I consider getting your money’s worth.

– Sleep — With all the demands placed on most people in this fast-paced society, self-deprivation is a common problem. So on National Relaxation Day, catch up on your sleep and hope you can reach the deepest sleep stage so you can awake refreshed and ready for action.

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1 comment

1 Ali { 08.15.12 at 6:25 pm }

I can certainly appreciate National Relaxation Day, and I try to make some relaxation time every day. One of my methods is I like to sit in the sun, soak up some of that sunshine vitamin, and read a good book, and of course, love my yoga 3 times a week.

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