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There IS a Cure for the Summertime Blues!

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There IS a Cure for the Summertime Blues!

Summer is a time for going to the beach, jogging outside, tending to our gardens, and just plain relaxing. Kids are off from school and it’s time to go outside and take up a new hobby or two. Imagine one summer morning you wake up and hear the birds chirping. There is a steady stream of sunlight coming through your window and you realize it’s going to be a beautiful day. You get up and stretch your legs to get ready for the great day ahead, and then you remember what day of the week it is. Suddenly, reality sets in and you realize the inevitable – you have to go to work today!

On your way to work you see people outside in their gardens, soaking up all the sunshine that such a wonderful day can provide. As many of us who work in the summer realize, remaining indoors in a closed, windowless office for hours on end can be depressing. Getting the “office blues” in the summer is actually a common occurrence that can put a damper on anyone’s outlook. This can result in a pessimistic attitude that leaves you grumpy and irritable for the entire day, or possibly longer.

So, what can you do to avoid the “office blues” in the summer? There are a couple of ways you can cope with such negative thoughts during your summer days in the office. Here are three tips that are sure to help ease your mind even on the most spectacular days of the year at work:

Liven Up Your Space
Decorate your office space. If you spend the bulk of your time sitting behind a desk, motivation is key in getting through the work day. Especially in a windowless office, you are going to need a little bit of comfort. Hanging pictures on your office wall of pets, children, and other family members can be comforting and serve as an encouraging reminder of the good things in life. Posting inspirational quotes with supportive messages can also encourage hard work and determination for staying on task in the office.

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Bring the Outside In
Love the outdoors and gardening? Then bring a little bit of nature inside the office with you. There are quite a few different types of office plants that are well-suited for the work environment. Having a plant around the office can improve employee morale by reducing stress and creating a more comfortable work space. Did you know that having plants in the office is known to purify the air, which can lead to a healthier work environment? Many office plants don’t even have to be expensive, and are low maintenance. If watered regularly, and in some cases trimmed, office plants can last for years with very little fuss and muss. Take a look at this website that lists the different types of various office plants out there and how to take care of them.

Don’t Obsess!
And, finally, perhaps the most important tip is to not obsess. In other words, having a positive attitude is everything. Waking up for work in the morning and going into the office with a negative attitude is not only bad for your own mental health; it can have a potentially adverse effect on your progress in the office. Go into work and focus on doing the best job you can. There are going to be nice summer days outside that you will have to work. Accepting this fact can move you past your feelings of frustration. Keep a pleasant thought or two in the back of your mind about a future day off on your calendar. You may have a vacation rapidly approaching where you are going someplace exciting. Looking forward to these days ahead, or even a small office gathering at the end of the week, can improve spirits to get you through even the brightest of summer days at the office and help you avoid the “office blues.”

And if you do start to feel a bit glum about working all summer, you can always commiserate with Eddie Cochran.

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1 comment

1 Karen { 06.12.13 at 11:36 am }

I think you left out a better and rather obvious tip for beating the trapped feeling and that is to get up earlier than usual and go outside to walk/jog/garden or just sit and have your coffee/meditate/read the paper outside. Exercising before work will give you more energy during the day if continued on a regular basis. Exercise has been proven to be a mood elevator. Also, try doing some of the same after work if you still have some daylight hours left. Eat dinner outside if possible. Lounge with a cool drink. Also, plan as much outdoor fun on your days off as possible and you can relive those fun memories during the week.

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