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What’s Your Holiday Tradition?

The holidays are upon us, and that means making memories with loved ones as we engage in our most favorite holiday traditions. We asked some of our staff members to share theirs with us. Add yours in the comments below!

Staff Christmas Traditions

Wreath Bearing Presents
Every Christmas Eve night for at least 25 years, my mom hangs a special gift-giving wreath from her kitchen fan. Everyone who goes to my parent’s home for dinner on Christmas Eve gets a gift. The presents hang from the wreath, but as the number of family and friends has grown, sometimes the gifts have to be place on the table below. Usually she puts names on each gift, but the past few years she’s put a riddle on them which you have to solve before you can find your special gift. The gifts are small but the gesture is big. Years ago it started in response to complaints and whining that we wanted to open at least one gift on Christmas Eve, and now we all look forward to what the wreath will look like and give out each year.
– Sandi Duncan

Let the Decorating Begin!

Every year on Christmas Eve we go to my mom’s for dinner. When you have small kids, all-day anticipation can make the day seem even longer. So I started an annual tradition of having my three boys decorate homemade gingerbread people. This not only kept them busy, but it also helped the day go by faster. As the boys got older, they no longer needed to be “occupied,” but they did look forward to our annual cookie decorating. And, as you can see from the photo, you just never know what type of “decorations” these creative, now-young-adults, may come up with! – Jacki Noone

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I have a few traditions: First, I have to watch “Love Actually,” one of my favorite Christmas movies. Next, because we have Italian roots, we always eat “The Seven Fishes” for Christmas Eve dinner (although sometimes it’s only one or two fishes). Another tradition is we cut off about 1” of the bottom of the year’s Christmas tree before it goes up, and each of us signs it. 32 years and counting! – Susan Higgins

It’s The Simple Things

My small family-of-four’s tradition on Christmas Eve is to go to mass at our church, then go home and open up and wear family matching Christmas jammies, watch a new movie, and order Chinese takeout.– Patrick Blanchard

Food Is Love!

We always have cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas morning. And a cheese ball with our dinner. In our house, food = love! – Kelly Miller-Craft

Blueberry Rules!

The tradition I have with my daughters — and even as they grow older this tradition stands — is snacking on Pillsbury® toaster strudels while we open gifts. Everyone has their own box because we all like different flavors, and this always ensures there’s NO FIGHTING!  This will be the 23rd year.  Blueberry rules! – Kelly Barclay

Travel Adventures

Like many employees who work at Farmers’ Almanac (and our parent company Geiger), my family roots are French-Canadian. On Christmas Eve my family always has chou roulé (cabbage rolls) as one of our entrees, and date squares are always one of our desserts, just like my Mémère (grandmother) used to make. Also, my family likes to travel, and we always look for an ornament for our Christmas tree to remind us of our adventures. There are ornaments from national parks, historic sites, and foreign countries. This year’s ornament is a Christmas ball that is made of Icelandic wool from a trip we took there this fall! – Peggy Leonard

Elf On A Shelf!

We do several things each year: Elf on the Shelf visits right after Thanksgiving and stays until Christmas Day, we decorate our yard with a lighted reindeer and snowman, we send photo cards via snail mail, and we also take a tacky light tour – there are LOTS of tacky lights in our area. – Kathy Ullmann-NAC

Image: Michael Kappel via Flickr

Jammies From Santa

As a child, my parents used to lay new pajamas at the foot of our beds from Santa. The excitement that Santa was actually in our room was amazing. I was more excited for my new jammies than any other gift I could have received. My siblings and I carried this on with our children. It was such a hit, in fact, that when my sons were on their own, they asked where their new pajamas were. Ultimately, it was time to stop, but now they do this with my grandchildren. – Rachel Lebel

Serve Up A Big Meal – To Others

My holiday tradition is simple. Each Christmas I spend the day cooking a primo meal at our local shelter for homeless adults. The numbers are modest – 15 to 18 – so I go all out with the best piece of roast beef and all the trimmings. I start cooking at  noon and serve at 5 pm. As with any big meal, it takes the better part of a day to cook and 30 minutes to devour it. But, the smiles stay with me year long. – Peter Geiger

Dinner and a Movie… Or Two

My husband Bill and I love watching the Great Christmas Light Fight on TV every year.  We always get Chinese food on Christmas Day and relax at home watching all the great Christmas movies, both old and new! – Maria Hoffman

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