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Try These Ideas for Eggceptional Easter Eggs!

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Try These Ideas for Eggceptional Easter Eggs!

Age 6 or 60, who hasn’t come away with happy pink, green, red, blue, and yellow fingers (and wrists and elbows) after hours with a vat of food coloring spent dipping and decorating Easter eggs?! For anyone and everyone who has taken the time to create dozens of these colored gems worth hiding–and finding!–the art of the egg has been passed down for generations. Followed up with a plate of Peeps and chocolate bunnies, who says preparation isn’t half the fun!

But this year, food coloring withstanding, what about embellishing the egg with more creativity than ever using beads, jewels, glitter, ribbon, lace, yarn, bits of fabric, stickers, stencils (many can be downloaded online), candy, dried flowers, sand, elements of nature, metallic spray paint, pipe cleaners, and more. Eggs can become little animals or flowers with ideas limited only by your imagination. Great for the hunt, in fact egg-squisite designs like these just may be too beautiful or whimsical to hide and can serve as place cards, decorative ornaments, perched atop candle holders (perhaps sprayed gold like flames), as centerpieces with some greenery and flowers or by themselves in large glass bowls, or maybe in an egg cup as a surprise–though inedible, of course–breakfast treat (for the eyes, that is!). Your kids will love this.

Try these ideas for inventive Easter egg designs, or brainstorm with family and friends and come up with a few egg-ceptional ones of your own!

Eggs with Bling
Eggs, hardboiled
Food coloring
Glittering glue with fine tip applicator
Colored glitter
Jewels (available at hobby and craft stores)
Paper plate
Old toothbrush

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Dye egg and let dry. Squeeze variously-sized glue circles on egg, working one side at a time. Hold egg over plate and pour glitter over egg, shaking off excess. Apply more glue circles and affix jewels. Repeat on other side. Let dry completely and use toothbrush to gently brush away any glitter that hasn’t adhered.

Eggs on the Beach
Eggs, hardboiled
Food coloring or metallic spray paint
Tiny starfish, shells, bits of sea glass or other sea items
Grains of sand

Simply color the eggs with dye or paint. Sprinkle very lightly with sand prior to drying and let dry completely. Use glue to affix chosen items.

Laced-up Eggs
Eggs, hardboiled
Food coloring
Lace in various colors, cut in about 3- to 4-inch bands
Dried flower

Dye eggs and gently sprinkle with glitter. Let dry completely. Wrap and glue a band of lace around each and finish by gluing a tiny dried flower to “fasten.”

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