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Photography Tips for the 21st Century

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Photography Tips for the 21st Century

There was a time when photography was expensive and not very user friendly. Today, however, photography is a favored pastime liked by many professionals and amateurs alike. Everyday people now have the option of using a variety of electronic devices that do the hard work for us. Advances in technology have created an assortment of devices to capture our most sacred memories. Digital devices allow us to download our pictures onto our computers to share with others. We can even use our cell phones to take pictures anywhere, anytime and then transfer those images onto our electronic devices for further editing and sharing at the blink of an eye! There is little need to go to a professional when we have the tools at our fingertips to polish photographs right at home.

Many people use photography in both their personal and professional lives. Sharing and putting our photographs on display is a passion for many people to preserve cherished memories. Yet, how many of us know the ins and outs of photographing smartly? Reading the four tips below will make this favored pastime a breeze:

Photography is not as expensive as you might think
Yes, there are cameras out there that can run you hundreds or even upwards of a thousand dollars. However, this does not mean you have to spend all that money for a great picture. Nowadays, even our cell phones can take decent pictures. Technology has advanced to the point where any type of camera is able to photograph adequately. It is true that the more money you spend the more capabilities a camera is likely to have. This includes more gizmos and gadgets on the camera itself that can improve our pictures with a better quality of focus and crispness of color. However, you can go to the store right now and get a pretty decent camera with the latest technology for under a hundred dollars.

Sharing photographs has never been easier
The beauty of digital photography is that online software can store many of our pictures for free! In the digital world that we live in today, there is no need to keep multiple photo books collecting dust and creating clutter around the house. There are many choices when it comes to picking an online site to store our photos. With programs like, Flickr, Pixlr, PhotoBucket, and Picasa Web Album on Google, sharing our photos has never been easier!

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Remember, every online photo storage program has different abilities and you will find some sites better suited for your needs than others. Most online services will offer a basic photo account for free. Still, there are limitations. This includes, only storing a certain amount of photos without paying extra to increase online storage space. Another benefit of many online storage sites is that you can choose who to share photos with and when to share them. In other words, pictures that you want to keep private stay confidential until you decide to make them public. Check out this website for a list of twenty different online storage sites to pick the right home for your digital photographs:

Make your pictures pop with online editing programs

Have a habit of taking blurry, too dark, or out of focus pictures? Did someone or something get in your photograph by accident? Not to worry. Technology has come so far within the last few decades that fixing these common mistakes are a possibility. Thanks to online software and Photoshop downloads, like Adobe and Picasa, anyone can download their digital pictures to a computer and transfer them to one of the above mentioned programs. FotoFlexer, Phixr, and LunaPic are just a couple of places to go that have editing capabilities. These sites can fix many of the common mistakes that beginner photographers make. We can even get rid of a bunch of things on our photographs that we just don’t like, including adjusting the amount of light, focus, and even color intensity of any given photograph. Take a look through this website to decide which online editing program is right for you:

That does not mean you should just click the camera without adjusting and knowing your settings. A Photoshop program can only do so much. Avid photographers take pride in using the best technique possible. There are many ways to become a better, smarter photographer. You could take a class at a local university or community college, but that could cost a pretty penny. Going to the library and checking out the digital photography section is another option, but nowadays we can find just about any kind of information right at home. Just typing in a basic Google search with the words photography tips will give you many helpful tips for taking better pictures. Check out these two websites to start improving your technique today: and

A little bit of work goes a long way
Take the time to know your camera. This means reading that pesky user’s manual (they are there for a reason you know) and the fine print on any photo sharing/editing program that you come across online. Yes, technology has made it easy for us to click in a flash and be on our way. Still, knowing even the most basic elements of photography, like being able to recognize the strengths and limitations of the tools you are using, goes a long way. Photography doesn’t have to be complicated. Knowing as much as you can about this art form can help you enjoy this activity even more so.

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1 Raymon { 02.21.16 at 7:50 pm }

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2 Sandi { 07.10.13 at 10:25 am }

I want to say thank you for the web site connection, and the tips are wonderful, taking the time to know your camera is the best thing! what to do about blurry pictures 🙁 And did I tell you? I LOVE TAKING PICTURES!!!

3 Xenon { 07.10.13 at 10:06 am }

I love sharing photos, I capture with my mobile ,sometimes it’s so handy that I can send it in no
time using app like what’s up.bu tI love to know more so that it’s best expolited…

4 Richard E. Tolle { 07.10.13 at 9:59 am }

Great advice and very helpful links. Most digital cameras have an “Auto” feature that produces awesome results with no operator action. Today, photography can be fun and a source of pride. There’s no excuse now to not chronicle our children as they grow. I hope many will heed your advice.

5 Darcy Ludeman { 07.10.13 at 9:27 am }

Thanks for the great tips! Appreciated! 🙂

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