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Ask Handy Andi: Foggy Mirrors

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Ask Handy Andi: Foggy Mirrors

Dear Handy Andi,
I’m sick of getting out of the shower and having to deal with a foggy bathroom mirror. Is there some way to prevent this from happening?

– Mike, Delaware

Foggy mirrors are caused by condensation in the bathroom, and the absolute best way to prevent your mirror from getting steamed up is to keep the moisture content down in the bathroom by installing a ventilation fan. Not only will this prevent foggy mirrors, it will also reduce the overall humidity, which will protect your walls, floors, fixtures, and the contents of your bathroom, as well as combating mildew growth. Mildew loves a damp environment, so the drier you can keep your bathroom, the better!

Purchasing and installing an exhaust fan for your bathroom can run you anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars, depending on how comfortable you are with doing your own wiring.

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If you’re looking for a more immediate solution, though, look no farther than your own medicine cabinet. It turns out that a product you probably use every day makes a great mirror defogger: shaving cream.

While you’re lathering up for your morning shave, squirt a little extra shaving cream onto your mirror and spread it evenly across the entire surface. Then use a clean towel to wipe it away. This simple step will keep your mirror fog free for weeks, and it’s inexpensive and easy to reapply.

Other remedies include coating your mirror in leftover car wax or regularly cleaning it with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water.

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1 tivadoc { 10.11.13 at 9:43 am }

Bypass the big mirror and get a 6-8 inch mirror from the craft store. Secure it face high in the shower, opposite the shower head, with two vertical strips of that thin foam double stick tape. That let’s the water drain behind it. Touch your shower soap and rub on the mirror for fog free shaving. Shaving in the shower keeps that whole mess out of the sink and surrounding area.

2 Michelle { 10.09.13 at 11:07 pm }

I have used the shaving cream on the mirror and it works great, just a hint, you don’t need a lot of shaving cream on the mirror, the more you put on, the harder it is to get off because when it starts to dry, it drys like car wax and then you have to rub and rub to get it off. But it does last a long time once you put it on.

3 Rose { 10.09.13 at 4:01 pm }

Hi.I did try the shaving lotion years ago, and yes it does work.But boy talk about a lot of elbow grease to get it streak free.Maybe I used too much I don’t know.Just thought I’de warm anyone who tries it.Don’t use too much.

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