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21 Clever Uses For Rubbing Alcohol You Need To Know

Have a bottle of rubbing alcohol taking up space in your medicine cabinet? Put it to work with these clever ideas. Some may just surprise you.

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2 Must-Grow Flowers To Help You Survive Winter

Winter flowering plants can help add springtime beauty to your home. These two plants should be on your list of what to grow during the winter.

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How To Ripen Green Tomatoes Indoors

You can coax the tomato-ripening process from green to red with these helpful tips.

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How Did A Fuzzy Caterpillar Become A Weather Forecaster?

The woolly bear caterpillar has long been associated with winter weather folklore. But why? And what does he turn into come spring? Find out!

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How To Beat The Beetles

Learn how to get rid of those six-legged creepy crawlies that invade everything from macaroni to flour in your pantry — without harsh chemicals!

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10 Common Tomato Plant Problems and How To Fix Them

If you’re growing tomatoes you most likely encountered one or more of these plant problems. We explain how to identify and fix them.

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Biomimicry: Emulating Nature’s Designs

Biomimicry, the copying of nature, can be seen in all forms of interesting man-made designs that are showing up around the globe! See the list.

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Best Days To Set Eggs In 2018

According to Moon lore and Almanac tradition, these are the dates should set eggs for 2018 for best results.

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