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How Cold is It?

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How Cold is It?

It is not official but it looks like Earth has set a new record cold temperature. The official record was set on July 21, 1983, when the temperature dropped to -128.6º Fahrenheit in Vostak, Antarctica. Now, it appears that on July 31, 2013 the thermometer dipped to an all-time low of -135.3º F, or -93.2º C. Good news — it was a dry cold, and no one lives in this obscure part of Antarctica, so there were no deaths. In fact, at that temperature, humans wouldn’t even be able to breathe.

Earlier this week we saw a bone chilling -20º F in the Dakotas. It was even freezing in some of our warmer states, and winter has just begun. Here in Maine, it’s been pretty cold, but not as cold as our all time cold record of -50º that was set in January, 2009. It was maybe -35º degrees in my backyard that day.

The 2014 Farmers’ Almanac promises biting, bitter, and piercing cold this winter. So, what is the coldest temperature you have experienced and where in the world were you at the time?


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1 joe wallace { 12.16.13 at 4:06 pm }

In January of 2008….worked outside in -53 C …NE BC fort st John Canada….i live around mile49 Alaska highway….its actually been colder with the windchill…..dont know what that is in farenheit

2 Julie Fisher { 12.12.13 at 2:01 pm }

I experienced -70 windchill in Northeast MT a few years back. It felt like my clothes were made of paper! I stayed inside after that 🙂 I live in AR now and we are experiencing unusually cold weather right now. People accuse me of bringing the north country with me back down here! I think we need to fire up some more coal power plants and warm this place up;)

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