Hunter’s Full Moon

One of my favorite Full Moons is in October. At 12:52am (Eastern) (earlier today) the Hunter’s Full Moon appeared. Named by Native American tribes, this month allowed longer and better hunting conditions. It was both lighter (brighter) and the ample leaves that fall from the trees quieted their movements. It allowed them to hunt deer, fox and others who moved around the woods and fields in the dark.

If you go to our home page you’ll find a neat video explaining the Hunter’s Full Moon. It is worth a watch.

This is also the time of the year that many people dry flowers. This is the technique to use:

Step 1 – Sort the Flowers

Spread newspaper over your work area. Carefully separate and sort the flowers into bunches.

Step 2 – Tie the Bunches Together

Cut a piece of string about 8 inches long for each bouquet. Tie a string around the stems of each bouquet so that the string is tight enough to hold the bunch together, but not so tight that it cuts into the stems.

Step 3 – Hanging the Flowers to Dry

Use the ends of the string to hang the bouquets, blossom side down, in a warm, dry place. The clothes rod is a closet works perfectly, but it needs to be a place that won’t be disturbed too much. Give the bouquets enough space so they don’t touch each other. Allow 4 weeks t dry (this is the hard part).

Step 4 – Arrange the Dried Flowers

After the blossoms have dried, untie the bouquets and carefully spread them on more sheets of newspaper. Handling the flowers gently, arrange them how you want them.

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