It Can’t Happen Here … Right?image preview

It Can’t Happen Here … Right?

Extreme weather seems to be very common these days. From the devastating typhoon in the Philippines to the late-season, powerful tornadoes that just tore through the Midwest this weekend, the weather is causing very dangerous situations around the world. But thankfully not in your backyard right?

While of some of you reading this may be in tornado alley, many of us who read about these storms with sadness and empathy think well thank goodness tornadoes are not common around here. But … it is the weather and you just never know…

Many of us will get involved and donate time, money or resources to help those who lost so much during these devastating disasters. But how many of us recognize that weather or other natural disasters could happen in our own backyard, and that we should help ourselves by being prepared?  How many of you have a disaster plan or even some money or extra medicine safely stored in case of an emergency? Extra batteries? Know where the flashlights are?

As a timely reminder to ALL of us, no matter where we live, check out our article “Are you prepared for natural disasters.”  This article provides many helpful tips that we all should follow now, before a disaster hits. As Ben Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all of the people recently affected by the tornadoes and the typhoon.

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7 years ago

My daughter and my sister were both victims of this F4 tornado in Washington, IL. They both lost everything but thankfully they are both here. Tornados happen so fast, it’s hard to have everything prepared just in case you are affected. Besides having insurance for home, rentals and autos, a good safe should also be on your prepare list of items to have.