Keeping Roosters Quiet

Several times each month I receive letters, emails and phone calls from concerned chicken owners asking how they can keep their roosters quiet. More times than not, they are keeping chickens in urban areas. Many cities around the country ban roosters to prevent nuisance complaints from their citizens, even though there are several ways to keep roosters in urban areas quietly and responsibly. I had kept backyard chickens for two years before my neighborhood homeowner’s association even found out. Why? Because I choose not to keep roosters with my flock. Yes, I have kept roosters in the past due to periodic rooster rescues, but they did not cause any problems because I kept them quietly and responsibly.

In my opinion, roosters have two main purposes, which they do very well: protect and fertilize. In the past seven years, I have only lost three chickens due to predators. One just happened to be my rooster, Kentucky. During a backyard remodel, we temporarily removed the protective netting from atop our three chicken runs. After arriving home, I noticed that all eleven hens were safely inside the coop and Kentucky was in the run, where he had obviously lost a battle with a hawk. We believe that when Kentucky noticed the hawk that he gathered all of his ladies in the coop for their protection and then returned back outside to fight off the predator. Unfortunately, he lost, but all eleven hens were safe. Because of this, I know the value of a rooster when it comes to predator protection, but I still choose not to keep roosters due to the extra responsibilities involved. I do however provide a very secure coop and run for my chickens, and use Nite Guard Solar lights to protect my flock from predators.

There are many great reasons why people choose to keep backyard chickens in urban areas, but breeding is rarely one of them, so keeping a rooster is not necessary in most cases. If you keep a small backyard flock without a rooster, one hen will generally take the rooster’s role. She will keep an eye out for predators, alert the flock if danger arises, maintains the pecking order, and in rare cases may even crow.

On the rare occasions when I did have a rooster or two, I would keep them quietly and responsibly. At dusk, I would bring the roosters into my garage. They would be placed into a metal cage with their own food and water. Then the metal cage would be placed into a large breed plastic doghouse. I would then place a heavy blanket over the doghouse to provide an extra sound barrier. If one of the roosters happen to crow early in the morning, none of my neighbors could hear it. In fact, our master bedroom backs up to our garage. If we were sound asleep the crowing would not even wake us up, but if we were already awake then we could hear the rooster crow, but it was faint and hardly noticeable.

Overall, I think roosters get a bad rap, but I understand that they are not for everyone. They are very beautiful birds and have a couple of specific purposes that they do very well. I still hate to see cities completely ban roosters, but it’s a compromise that many urban chicken keepers are willing to make.

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Melody Jacobs

You can buy a No-crow collar it is not a shock collar very humane and cuts the sound of the rooster by a lot the cost about 14.00 dollars made with mesh and Velcro find it on line

Kauai Chris

I must admit it’s hard to feel too badly for most people with a single rooster problem. I live in Hawaii on the island of Kauai. Think of it as a small town in the setting of Jurassic Park; this is where they filmed. We’re known worldwide for our huge population of feral chickens. There are more chickens than people, sparrows and pigeons combined. There are many varieties of Bantam chickens all beautiful and unusual birds. I live in a community called Kapa’a (Ka-pa-a) where the largest population of people reside. The houses are 20 feet apart and packed in like most cities. I have a large mango tree in my backyard as well as an African tulip tree where many of the neighborhood roosters and hens roost. They crow throughout the night and all day long. Unfortunately my bedroom is on the second floor with a window facing the mango tree. When one rooster crows (usually the one in my tree, of course) several others from a couple of yards in each direction join the cacophony. I also have six barking dogs bordering my property. There are so many chickens there aren’t enough resources for other wild birds. I’m a bird lover and an animal lover overall but if you would like to know what it’s like to have a rooster problem, you have to be here to understand it. I say this all tongue-in-cheek but I assure you there is no exaggeration in what I say.

Mahalo for reading.

robert johnson

The TITLE is incorrect. This article has NOTHING to do with keeping roosters quiet.
Somebody please advise the writer to stop wasting everybody’s time…. posting articles with totally inaccurate, deceptive & misleading titles that have nothing to do with the contents of the article..


We live in a 103-apartment complex. We have a noisy rooster nearby that disturbs many of us, but the single-family homes up the hill from us where he lives are zoned such that they can keep a rooster. But I don’t think this rooster ever sleeps because we hear him at all times of the day and night. It is a wonder to me that his owners don’t seem to hear him at all!

I’ll copy the suggestions given here are deliver them courteously to the neighbor. If no help, the next step will be a petition signed by my fellow tenants to appeal to his sense of community.


We had a beautiful rooster and every night would fetch him from the coop and put him into a medium size cardboard box and cover him with a blanket so it would be very dark. He would be quiet all night and then we would let him out again mid-morning so we wouldn’t bother the neighbors. We have a rooster now who gets brought into the house (along with our hen) and put in a large cage until mid-morning. However since he can see the house lights and the morning light he still crows but at least it doesn’t bother the neighbors. He is outside my window now and has been crowing repeatedly. We might try the collar.


I love my rooster–i got two baby chicks in hopes of having two hens, but here he is. I don’t want to eat him, i don’t want to give him away yet either, i already gave a grown up hen and her two surviving chicks away s as not t searate the family, because one turned out to be a rooster. So on this one i have tried a 2 inch velcro collar–it is very difficult to fit but it did work. You have to stretch his neck and fit it under as many feathers as possible, as low as u can go, and quite tightly too–it took many fittings until we got it right–a two person job! For about a month he was only coughing when he tried to crow but still being happy, talking his chicken talk, eating, drinking and running around with the hens. But somehow his collar has loosened and here he is crowing again in my neighbors’ window at 5 a.m. Last night we tried to tighten the collar, unsuccessfully. I will try again today and then if it does not work i just might have to make him into soup, sigh… I have no garage that can be used that way nor resources to build a soundproof enclosure for him. Yet he is such a happy, strong, protective presence in the yard, and smart too… Yeah, backyard chickens in the city are wonderful but a great challenge too… I hope someone comes up with a better solution than the velcro collar–otherwise we just have to accept that we really can’t keep roosters in the city and… move to the country, finally 🙂


Look into your state constitution about farm laws city’s like to throw weight around with lies about laws. Michigan has awesome farm laws in our constitution more for the farmer then the lazy complaing neibors buck up and pull your britches up and stand up for your constitutional right to farm. If some city gives u a hard time take them to court don’t run scared make sure u reasearch your state constitution about your rights to farm don’t be pushed around over a rooster

john jones

This article is a total waste of time.

Renee Bolster

Gosh thank you so much an I can believe I didn’t think of that! We live in the city with a huge yard, and I wanted to get some chickens, I absolutely love them. We chose beautiful lavender orpingtons. Well…. Both my hens turned into roosters! I am dying because they are gorgeous, friendly, and my daughter is absolutely in love with them, holds them everyday…now the crowing…ugh. It is a matter of time before my neighbors show up out front with pitch forks and guns. I am absolutely going to try bringing them into my garage and covering them at night. I keep them covered already with a black out curtain and that has kept them quiet until about 6:30-7… But I still don’t think that will fly. Thank you so much for the tip! Getting rid of him or eating them is not really an option.


Their is a surgical procedure that can be done to quiet a rooster. Many think this is not humane but think if it’s a choice between a scaple and the dinner table I think the rooster him self would choose the scaple. I called around and found a doctor in my area who will De crow a rooster.the cost was about 200. Dollars. So if your serious about De crowing your roo it can be done! Call the vets in your area and ask.. best wishes


Hi, have you ever found the answer to your question?
Are there any devices, shock collars, anything, something to prevent/stop the rooster from crowing?
We live in the urban area. Got four 3-month old chicks when you can’t quite tell the sex yet, so one grew up to be a beautiful sweet rooster. They have such peace and equalibrium among them. We hate the idea of taking our pet-rooster back to where we got them all from, he’ll be either eaten or given to those rooster fights. Is there any way to prevent him from crowing? He did not fully start yet, but he is trying. ..
Thank you


New to chicken ( had plenty when I was a kid 🙂 ) just started back as an adult. Just looking for further info


Stop cryin bout roosters and fighting if you live in the city you shouldn’t have them and roosters are not forced to fight they are naturally aggresive. Roll tide yall


I live in Boston, MA and my landlord keeps roosters in the back garage locked away . I believe he uses them for fighting. Is this animal abuse. They scream and howl all night long!

Jaime McLeod

If they’re being used for fighting, it is definitely abuse. Cockfighting is illegal. Report him to the authorities and let them sort it out.


I live in Bali and all the houses around me have at least 1 rooster. All day none stop they make a noise. What i want to know is there a bird of prey noise that will make a rooster quiet.???
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Terry


Hi guys
I found this fantastic sound proof coop built by someone here:
I will nag my hubby to build similar one


Does anyone know how to keep a rooster quiet??? Do they make some kind of collar? Not so much a shock collar..but maybe one that vibrates or makes some kind of distracting noise???


I had 15 roosters, but now only have one to keep the hens protected. The other 14 became awful quiet when in the freezer!


I no longer keep rooster as we are not allowed but growing up we always had roosters protecting the hens the trouble was they were usually protecting them from us.


There’s an easy way to stop them from attacking you. You have to show them you are higher in the pecking order. You basically catch them and press them down for a few minutes then let them go every day and night for a week or something then they’ll stop for good usually. There are videos about it on YouTube just look for one.

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