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Leave the Stuffing to the Turkey

Thanksgiving is considered our favorite home-cooked meal of the year, and is certainly to be enjoyed, but overeating is all too common. No one enjoyes leaving the dining table feeling bloated and miserable.

Try these tips to help you avoid feeling like a stuffed turkey during Thanksgiving:

  • Don’t fast prior to the holiday dinner. Eat a light, but healthy breakfast.
  • Don’t snack between meals on Thanksgiving.
  • If possible, avoid having your largest meal in the evening.
  • Instead of setting out salty snacks, candy and fattening dips and cheese spreads prior to the big meal, set out a bowl or cornucopia of fresh fruit.
  • If you’re calorie conscience, watch what you drink. Punches, alcohol, sodas and cappuccino beverages will pour on the calories and pounds. Drink plenty of spring water with a squeeze of fresh lime or orange wedges between and during meals.
  • Eat slowly. Don’t rush through the meal. It took hours to prepare it, make it last. Savor the conversation around the table as much as the meal.
  • Start your meal with a fresh, green salad or steamed vegetables.
  • Turkey won’t do a number on your waistline. Add it to your plate next.
  • That bloated feeling often comes from eating casseroles, which are easily piled on the plate and quickly consumed. Serve food that requires more chewing, to avoid overeating, such as roasted and seasoned potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, acorn squash or cooked carrots.
  • Gravy, butter, and sour cream are delicious, yet fattening. Don’t drown your food with either.
  • Precut sticks of butter into individual servings to avoid over consumption and wastefulness.
  • Don’t add sugar to your biscuits or vegetables. Sugar stimulates the appetite, encouraging you to overeat. Limit your bread intake to one roll. Serve filling, whole-grain breads, instead of non-nutritious fluffy, white breads.
  • Wait 10 minutes after eating the food on your plate, before deciding to take seconds or have dessert. It takes that long for your stomach to tell your brain that you’re full.
  • Take a break between the meal and dessert. Plan a walk or outdoor activity after the meal. If your guests know a walk is scheduled after the meal they’ll be less apt to overeat.

Thanksgiving is by far the tastiest meal of the year and our family’s favorite. Here’s to eating until satisfied, not stuffed. Enjoy!

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