Making a House a Home

Moving? Here are some tips and ideas on ways to make the move easier and ways to make your new house feel more like home.

People in our society are on the move — literally. Gone are the days where a groom carries his bride over the threshold into the house where they will one day retire. In fact, statistics show the average individual will change residences 11.7 times throughout a lifetime. Whether the move is due to a job promotion, military orders, or the need to care for an aging family member, it results in a major life change and can sometimes be a difficult adjustment even in the best of circumstances. Fortunately, in the midst of upheaval, there are simple things you can do to make any place feel like home.

–    The first night in a new home can make you feel disoriented and may even be frightening for your children. On moving day, make it a priority to assemble and make up the beds so everyone has a comfortable, familiar place to lay his or her head.

–    A new house may inspire you to buy all new furniture and completely change your décor. Changes like these can be good to a degree, but avoid doing away with all things from the past. You may be surprised how certain items hold sentimentality for those living in your home and can bring comfort during a time of transition. Maybe it’s the ticking of your great-grandmother’s clock on the mantle, the silly looking cookie jar that sits on the kitchen counter, or even the worn out rug the kids lay on to watch cartoons. The important thing is to ask each member of your family what items are special and meaningful and bring those into your new home.

–    Photographs can be one of the best ways to personalize a home, so fill the walls and tabletops with the faces of those you cherish. In addition to traditional formal portraits, frame some fun candid shots. And don’t forget to include Fido and Fluffy!

–    Bake cookies or other favorite comfort foods. Filling the air with those familiar pleasant aromas stored in your memory is a quick way to conjure feelings of home.

–    Make time to do things you have enjoyed in the past. Maybe it’s snuggling under an afghan while reading a mystery novel or piecing together a puzzle on a snowy day. Eat dinner together as a family while you catch up on the day’s activities.

–    If home is where your heart is, then fill your abode with the people you love. Invite friends and family into your home often, and enjoy good conversation and laughter. After all, these are the best memories that will carry you from one home to the next.

Dondra Vaughn

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