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March the Lion – And The Rest of the Story.

As we start the week, there is quite a storm on the East Coast., While we called for a “coastal storm, March 4th, this one got a jump on us. My friend, Billy Chisholm, called me mid afternoon from Atlanta to report driving in 6″+ of snow, and finally, Beth in the Washington area, is getting her first big storm of the last two years. Last week she was a bit “despondent” about no snow for the last two years and the fact that the local meteorologist said there would be none in sight for March. Every major city in the East is dealing with this storm – a reminder that March can come in like a lion….. now if it will just go out like a lamb.

Here is a report from Renee in Alabama: March REALLY came in like a lion here in Alabama! Temps in the upper 60’s and 70’s, thunderstorms and tornadoes a day or two and the next we have 3-5 inches of snow on March 1st. It’s Sunday night and 29 degrees. It’s going to be cold for about 3 days, then warm up to the 60’s and 70’s again. I don’t like winter, but the snow’s OK. We enjoy that, especially the ice cream. I hope the rest of March is like a lamb cause I miss the greenery and blooms.


I graduated from Villanova University in 1973. When I entered the family business that year, I helped enter and track orders for almanacs.  By the late 1970s, I traveled with my father, Ray Geiger,  to see how he engaged both the media and readers with  this American icon. Twice he and I stopped in to visit Paul Harvey in his downtown Chicago studios. I was so impressed by the man with the captivating voice. Paul researched and wrote his own news stories. When it was time to go live, he did it without a watch or clock., He knew exactly how long each piece would run and he executed his homespun stories with an excitement and a precision that made him a true radio legend.
I was saddened by the passing of Paul Harvey this weekend. But, he had a wonderfully long life – 90 years – and through his wit, we all learned about the “rest of the story”.  Good Day!

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