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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas During Quarantine

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas During Quarantine

This year is certainly testing our creativity as we learn to adjust to this new way of normal. While we are all experiencing this time in history with mixed emotions, it is more important than ever that we take the time to celebrate things, big and small. We can still cut the cake for graduations, birthday parties, weddings, and life’s other milestones even with life coming to a screeching halt. Celebrations after all are a part of life, and life must go on.

Celebrations may look different than years past, but we can still make them just as special and Mother’s Day is no exception.

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it is important to show the moms in our lives just how much we love and appreciate them (after all, most moms are the first responders and essential workers within the walls of our home). Check out this list of safe ideas on how you can show Mom just how much she means to you.

New Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

1. Host A Digital Party

people video conferencing for mother's day

With social distancing in full force, many people are replacing social meet ups with teleconferencing and telecommunicating. Our computers now let us connect with loved ones and co-workers in a new way. Schedule a digital party for Mom this year. Seeing the faces of her loved ones, even if it’s on a screen, will be sure to bring a smile to her face. Here’s a list of options.

2. Have A Drive-By Parade Celebration

young woman in striped shirt waving from a car in a Mother's Day car parade

Drive-by parades have become wildly popular in the last few weeks as a way to celebrate birthdays and to see loved ones’ faces but from the safety of your vehicle. If relatives live nearby, plan a specific time for them to drive by. Beep and wave as you pass, letting the mom in your life know how much you appreciate her. Even take the liberty to hang signs or streamers on the side of your car for a little extra flare. Just be sure to use smart social distancing measures and stay in your car and away from others. Blowing kisses will have to do for now.

3. Drop Off or Mail A Homemade Card/Cake

handmade Mother's Day card next to flowers, coffee, and macarons

If your mom lives far away, pop something in the mail for her. Nothing tugs on the heartstrings quite like a homemade card, no matter how old the child is. Live close by? Using safe measures, you can drop off cards, a cake or cupcakes, or other presents on her doorstep. Waking up on Mother’s Day morning to a bouquet of tulips on her doorstep is sure to warm her heart.

4. Have Her Favorite Meal Delivered

chinese food take out boxes filled with Chinese food.

With restaurants closed for in-house dining , taking Mom out to brunch this year is out of the question. Why not continue to support your local businesses and order take-out from her favorite restaurant? Even if you live many miles away, you can still order food and have it delivered to her door. Alternatively, you can buy a gift card to her favorite restaurant to redeem when social distancing orders are lifted. Not only are you supporting local restaurants during a difficult time, but you’re giving her something to look forward to!

5. Make A Home-Cooked Dinner

Girl cooking for her mother on mother's day

Don’t want to order in? Cook her one of her favorite meals right at home. Get the kids involved and let them help recreate the dine-out ambiance right in your own dining room. Lay a tablecloth, light some candles, and print a menu. The family may even want to wear something other than quarantine loungewear for this fancy occasion. Your dining room may just very well become her new favorite restaurant. If the weather is in your favor, create a beautiful tablescape out on the patio. Possibly follow it up with a bonfire and a dessert complete with s’mores. Get a recipe here!

6. Create An At-Home Spa

lavender sachet on wooden table with lavender buds

Now more than ever Mom needs time to relax and recharge, especially if she is home with young kids. While you can’t book her a spa massage right now, pampering Mom at home is still possible. Create your own at-home spa! Let mom soak in a tub of epsom salts or bubble bath, complete with candles and soothing music. Follow with a foot massage or facial mask. The kids will love getting involved in this one. We’ve got some great recipes for homemade spa products using ingredients you may have right in your own home.

Make Your Own Soothing Lavender Bath Products
Make Your Own Hydrating Spa Treatments
Make Your Own Exfoliating Scrubs
Give the Gift of Homemade Lavender Products

7. Make Mom Breakfast in Bed

Mom with short gray hair enjoying mother's day breakfast in bed with toast and coffee

After all, who wouldn’t love this (quarantine or not)? Get the kids on board and deliver her favorite breakfast (and coffee) in bed. Just be sure to let Mom get her Zzzzzzs before you start waving her double espresso under her nose. Also, don’t forget to clean up afterwards. You don’t want your breakfast in bed surprise to be nullified by a sink full of dirty dishes.

8. Go On A Family (Outdoor) Adventure

Family riding bikes together on a trail for Mother's Day

As of now, outdoor activities void of social interactions, are still considered safe. Why not take Mom on an adventure, social distancing style? Fresh air and exposure to nature is one of the best remedies for lifting spirits. Plan a hike or take a family bike ride. If you live in an urban area and outdoor adventure is a challenge, try planning a neighborhood tour. Write chalk messages or draw pictures on the sidewalk for mom to enjoy as she walks along.

9. Create A Memory Slideshow

woman watching slideshow on computer smiling

With all the extra time some of us are finding on our hands, it is the perfect opportunity to sort through your thousands of photos. What mom wouldn’t love a trip down memory lane? Show that you love her by putting together a slideshow video, complete with added effects and music. Here’s one to try.

10. Give Mom The Day Off

mom sleeping in bed getting some alone time for Mother's Day

Moms are often on the go, go, go, especially if they have young ones. Something as simple as giving her the day off from her usual duties is often all she craves. Maybe offer to let her sleep in. Let Mother’s Day be a day for her to recharge and reset. After all, she deserves it!

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