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Farmers’ Almanac Names America’s Best Weather Cities

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DATE: September 14, 2012

Contact: Peter Geiger, Philom., Editor – 207-755-2246 –

Sandi Duncan, Philom., Managing Editor -207-755-2349 –

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Farmers’ Almanac Names America’s Best Weather Cities

Lewiston, Maine — Key West, Fla., and Spokane, Wash., top a list of America’s best weather cities, according to the Farmers’ Almanac.

The list appears in the 196-year-old publication’s 2013 edition, released in August.

“Picking the best weather is very subjective, but fortunately it’s not as controversial as talking politics,” noted Farmers’ Almanac editor, Peter Geiger.

“Putting together a list like this is tough. There are many references that list average temperatures, humidity levels, dew points, etc. But the one thing that seems loud and clear to us is that the ‘best’ weather is weather that doesn’t offer too many extremes–too much cold or snow, or too much heat in the summer.”

Key West made the list because, thanks to its location, at the end of the Overseas Highway near the western end of the Florida Keys, it enjoys a mild, tropical maritime climate year-round. Spokane came out on top for summer because its weather isn’t too hot or too rainy to enjoy the great outdoors. The city enjoys mild, arid conditions during the summer months, which are ideal for full enjoyment of the many mountain and lake recreational areas in the immediate vicinity.

Rounding out the list of cities named among the best winter locales are San Diego, Phoenix, Watertown, N.Y., and Flagstaff, Ariz., while the other summer favorites include Great Falls, Mont., Boise, Idaho, Sacramento, Calif., and Burlington Vt.

Farmers’ Almanac developed this list based on a number of meteorological factors, as well as the population size of the cities — selected cities had to have a population of 25,000 or more people.

“Our goal was to list cities that would have something for everyone. While our first three winter choices are places that boast comfortable temperatures and plenty of sunshine, the last two boast plenty of cold and snowy weather.” said Geiger.

“Meanwhile, four of our best summer cities are located in the West and boast sunny and mostly dry conditions. Our one eastern location admittedly sees more changeable and cloudier weather than our western picks, but also had many dry and sunny days.”

The full story, detailing the Farmers’ Almanac staff’s reasons for selecting each of the ten cities is available both in the print edition of the 2013 Farmers’ Almanac and online at

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