9 Easy Rainproof Costume Ideas

Check out our picks for some fun and easy Halloween costumes for rainy trick-or-treating.

Halloween is fast approaching. And if you checked your Halloween forecast, you might agree that for some areas the best idea for a costume should be something that will help keep you dry in the rain. So for fun, we offer the following rainproof costume ideas:

Rainproof Costume Ideas

1. Morton Salt Girl

Raincoat - Umbrella

For those of you who can remember, the logo for Morton Salt is a girl with an umbrella, yellow dress, and a container of salt (easy!).

2. Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins illustration.

Mary Poppins loved umbrellas! Add a big bag, perhaps a spoon, and you have one of the most favorite nannies around.

3. Meteorologist

Stock photography - Rain

Carry a microphone, umbrella (and a copy of the Farmers’ Almanac)!

4. Sea Captain

Captain. Sailor man in marina port with boats background.

A pair of rubber boots and a bright yellow rain slicker will have you looking like an old salt in no time.

5. Caught in the Rain

Full length profile photo of shocked lady stormy rainy weather walk, street hold umbrella catch strong wind blew away wear raincoat sweater pants gumboots isolated teal color background.

If it’s warm rain, go with the weather. Dress as if you’d been caught in the rain already with an inside-out umbrella, newspaper, or other garbage stuck on your leg, and crazy hair.

6. Tea Bag or Bag of Leaves

How about filling a clear plastic bag with some brown leaves and wearing it around the bottom half of your body.  (The plastic should help keep most of you dry.)

7. Fly Fisherman

Stock photography - Water

Grab some waders, a fishing vest, fishing hat, hip boots, fishing pole.

8. Raining Cats and Dogs

Dog - Cat

take the literal approach and find some stuffed animal cats and dogs. Attach them to an umbrella, and voila!

9. Singing in the Rain

This one is very easy to pull off. See video below! Plus who wouldn’t want to be Gene Kelly for a night?

Got any good ideas to share? Happy Halloween — rain or shine!

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caroline jesko

Of course it would have to be an ….already wet noodel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just drap some yellow felt or any yellow cloth around u from TOPto[HOOD] to bottom.


Taking my husband’s work van, cleaning it out and filling it with hay, a large thermos of hot chocolate awaitin’… going door to door in the rain is more fun when you get enjoy a warm “hay ride” and hot chocolate to warm you 🙂

Loralie Huffman

A bag of leaves. You could cut leg & arm holes, stuff a trash bag with anything you want, put real or fake leaves around the top.

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