The Surviving Snow Pile in Bostonimage preview

The Surviving Snow Pile in Boston

When all is said and done, those of us living in the Northeast will agree that the winter of 2015 was one to remember. For people in Boston and Bangor, and dozens of other cities, the record snow accumulation will be part of the stories we tell our grandkids.

I visited Boston on May 19th and snapped this photo of what remained. In this shot, there is snow under the pile, but the rest is bottles, plastics, and everything else that accumulated with the snow. When clearing the streets, the city picked up whatever was in the plow’s path, and had to dump it somewhere. This was the last of the “white stuff.” Hardly white at all, and quite an eye sore.

A radio DJ this morning (on June 26th) indicates the pile, complete with some remaining snow (which has obviously been insulated by the debris), is still there!


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5 years ago

That snow is why I have moved to Florida-Permanently!