How Spicy Are You? Test Your Spice Knowledge With Our Quiz!

Are you a master of spices? How well-acquainted are you with your spice rack? Are you a seasoned seasoner? Take our quiz to see just how spicy you are!

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I really enjoyed the test, not as informed as I thought I was, and I did learn some things, so I thought it was good and informative. I would like to see more quizzes in the future. Thanks


I was enjoying the quiz up to #9, a simple true or false. I have had herbs and spices spoil for many reasons mostly improper storage. But the question didn’t ask for any qualifiers so I chose ‘true . I realize it is small and petty of me but I got the same feeling of frustration and rage 50 years ago when a teacher would twist the questions around so that no one could ever get a perfect score! So, no I didn’t enjoy the quiz and I am OK with being petty.

Susan Higgins

Hi Tricia, we’re sorry that you had a problem with #9 on the quiz. We certainly have no reason to want you to do poorly on our quiz, which is just out there for fun. The definition of spoil, regarding food means, “rotten, unfit for consumption.” And we’re talking about spices, not herbs. As the quiz answer states, while spices don’t spoil, they do lose their potency when not store properly, and the information comes from spice giant, McCormick.

John Ostrander

Your answer about spices not going bad is not correct. All natural products degrade over time and most spices are not good after 5 years.

Susan Higgins

Hi John, the question asks if spices spoil, and the answer is no — but they do lose their potency. We say, in the answer key, “While spices don’t spoil or expire, they can lose their potency. As a general rule, with proper storage, whole spices will stay fresh for about 4 years, ground spices for about 2 years.”
So perhaps it’s a trick question, and boils down to semantics. But we hope you enjoyed the quiz!

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