Spring or Fall – which season is better?

Is spring a tease? Is fall the better season? Which is your favorite season?

This spring, or actually the end of winter beginning of spring, was so warm and wonderful that I started wondering why I never enjoyed spring that much in the past. I mean the 70 and even 80 degree temperatures, which resulted in my forsythia and fruit trees blooming, were so welcoming, and such a wonderfully warm reminder of a new beginning about to occur.

Fast forward to April, and I’m reminded why spring has never been my top season — it’s a tease. The flowers are blooming, the grass is green, the sun is out — but yet the temperatures are a bit chilly. This past week, the wind had such a bite to it that I had no problems cutting my walks short or even wearing my winter coat this morning when I took the dog for her walk. And yet it looks so nice out, I want to be outside … what a tease.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the weather in March broke all kinds of records — in fact it was the warmest March on record worldwide. And now that April has seen more seasonal temperatures, it’s kind of reminded me why spring isn’t my most favorite season.

After a winter of being mostly inside, when spring comes I want to head right out into the budding outdoors. Yet when that wind cuts through my jacket, I rush back in.

In the fall, I’m ready to hunker down and spend some time indoors or if not, at least I’m ready to wear sweaters and jackets to head outdoors. The changing leaves and the smell of the woods also invite me to head outdoors. October is a beautiful month and some studies prove that it has the most blue skies. Of course I live in the Mid-Atlantic area, so maybe it’s different for areas that experience warmer springs and autumns.

We were spoiled having summer-like temperatures so early, so I know patience is a virtue and warmer days are coming, but I think I remember why I like fall better than spring.

How about you? What’s your pick between spring and fall and why?

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There has been a lot of controversy round these here parts over who is and is not a farmer, so I’d like to solve this once and for all… The Farmer’s Almanac is strictly for farmers! If you don’t grow grains or get breast milk from bovines, we don’t want your kind around here! Go back to writing editorials for the Washington Post and smoking crack, you goddarn City Slickers… (Pardon the language)!


LOL Jack I am a farmer I grow some pepper for your salt





bobby smith

i like fall best!

ThAt EmO gAl

meh………..doesnt help

heather cyr

i love fall because its my favorite time of year.you get to smell all the fresh spices and pumpkins and its just so pretty to see trees changing to their red, orange and yellow. i love fall and will always love it.


Fall, hands down! It means the heat of summer is almost over! Of course I live in the dry desert Southwest, but even when I lived in Massachusetts, I still loved the Fall. I’m with Alaina on the spicy scents, colors, even the seasons have scents all their own, outside, as the weather is changing. Fall is beautiful!

cathy varner

Spring the season of rebirth the season of hope and promise my very favorite even tho it seems so short


I’m going to have to go with Spring! Fall is beautiful, but somehow always melancholy. Spring is so full of life and vitality it’s impossible to be in a bad mood!


I definitely enjoy Fall more than Spring. Fall is full of bright colorful trees, spicy scents, pumpkins, goblins, and witches 🙂 I love stepping outside and smelling the dried leaves that have fallen, or the smell of wood smoke from our chimney! It’s my favorite time of year! Oh, and lets not forget FOOTBALL!

Stephen McBarron

It’s Fall all the way for me – there is something about the quality of light at that time of year which is unique. Look forward to the Fall all year round.

Sandi Duncan

‘@Brenda – good point! Maybe it’s April and not spring that’s not my favorite :)!


I think I like spring better. April is supposed to be kinda chilly so this doesent surprise me one bit. Ive seen ice storms and blizzards in April before! So I keep in mind that it could be much much worse! It has been so warm lately I even planted my marigolds and then April Fools! frost! but usually by May were done with the chilly weather, thats my favorite month. Thats when I know spring is truely at its peak and summer is almost here. I live in the mid atlantic too so I know exactly how you feel.

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