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BREAKING: Spring Storm?

April Fool!

Sure, spring storms are pretty common, but this “fowl-weathered” one is just all bunk. While that feathered front looks ominous, you can rest assured that our spring forecast still stands.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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  • ARMANDO says:


  • James Obenland says:

    It hadn’t snowed here in Normal, Illinois….not yet. I love snow and freezing temperatures. I sure missed them though. My climate is Autumn and Winter but never Spring and Summer because of my allergies, migraines, headaches, running nose etc…all that i have problems with in Spring and Summer every year never in Autumn and Winter.

  • James Obenland says:

    Ooooh hahaha!!

  • Cynthia Paoli says:

    It sleeted and snowed in upstate NY so bad there was poor visibility, & black ice on the roads yesterday. I think we’ll pull through just fine though. LOL! Funny joke, but not funny. STOP SNOWING! LOL!

  • Carrie Kowalczyk says:

    Michigan currently is having a cold snap right now, in fact it was snowing 2 nights ago!!! So I totally believed the heading when I read it, cuz itd pretty much true lol

  • norma lee olson says:

    enjoy your emails very much – even tho I still buy the Farmers Almanac either in Dec. or Jan – but have since the 1960’s a friend now gone on sent it to us from Denver as a Christmas – wish so we could plot when we would be in Colo for skiing – a fun memory of a lovely friend and a nicer memory of a gift that just kept on giving!!1

  • Connie Hoffman says:

    We always get a Easter storm. Thought this was what it was pertaining to.

  • Unity Milner says:

    Haha! Good one

  • Lighteredknot says:

    Does this appear to be an erroneous prediction? 1st-3rd.
    A severe thunderstorm threat brings downpours, tornado risk to Mississippi, Alabama, especially Georgia.

  • Stephanie A Webb says:

    You got me. Errrrr hahaha

  • Katharine S Dupre says:

    Thanks for my very first April Fool’s Day joke this year. It was a great one. Thanks.

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