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A Late Spring For Canada in 2019?

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A Late Spring For Canada in 2019?

According to the calendar, we will greet spring on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, at 5:58 p.m. EDT, with the arrival of the Vernal Equinox. But the pressing question on many people’s minds is: when will spring-like weather actually arrive? According to the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac, the cold weather will not depart as easily as many would hope. Here’s what we’re forecasting:

2019 Canadian Spring Forecast

Sorry friends, but spring will be late. In fact, winter will hang on in many locations through April. This will be especially true for Quebec and the Maritimes, where a potent storm in mid-April could lead to wet snow, especially over higher elevations. Even May could end up being rather cool!

Ontario could see the weather alternate from fair and dry to stormy. The Prairies could be dealt an unsettled and showery spring, and even British Columbia could see lots of cool/cloudy damp conditions.

Farmers' Almanac 2019 Canadian Spring Outlook map

2019 Canadian Spring Weather Map

Check the day-to-day forecast for your Canadian zone here. 

Looking for the U.S. Spring 2019 Forecast? Read it here.


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I should have added that I made the above prediction in March 2014.

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My forecast for the spring was for a delay of around 6 weeks, just like last year. That was my forecast from around November of last year. I have been studying climate related science for the last 11 years as an amateur. Since early 2014 I have gained the ability to make, at times, some accurate predictions.

My best prediction was that the winter of 2016/17 would bring heavy/flooding rains to Northern California, and the Pacific Northwest where I live. The prediction was a trifecta. The other parts to that prediction were that the ENSO regions would be in a negative to La Nina state, and that the solar cycle would begin the start of its minimum by dropping down to close to zero sunspots. All of that came to pass. I now have a good base for when the next similar occurrence will take place.

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