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A fun quiz for the weather expert in all of us.

How much weather wisdom do you really know?

Take our quiz and see for yourself! (Then stump your friends with the same questions!)

  • What month is known to have the clearest skies?
  • How can you predict the weather with a goose?
  • Why will hurricane Hugo never strike again?
  • What Tornado Almost Changed American Pop Culture?
  • Give UP?:

    OCTOBER: The Clearest Month Of The Year. Recent studies have shown that the greatest occurrence of high pressure– which usually produces fair weather–is over West Virginia during the month of October. It is here that high-pressure areas moving from the West tend to stall and expand. As a result, across much of the eastern two-thirds of the United States and southeastern Canada, October registers more clear days than any other month. In fact, in New England, an old saying goes that October, “. . . always has at least 19 fine days.”

    A GOOSE to predct the weather?
    Supposedly, many years ago around Thanksgiving time, folks would eat a freshly killed goose. They would save the breastbone and put it on a shelf to dry, keeping an eye out for any change in color. If the bone turned a dark color, or became blue all over, that meant a real bad winter was coming. White meant a mild winter. The explanation? A goose retains more oil as its natural defense against cold weather. So, seeing a dark or blue breastbone would seem to indicate the bird’s higher-than-normal oil content, and an impending cold winter season.

    Why Will Hurricane HUGO Never Strike Again?
    Some hurricanes get their names “retired,” like the numbers of major league athletes. There is a rotating list of names used for tropical storms and hurricanes. The storms that are truly memorable will have their names retired from that list. Some of the other names that will never be used again include: Agnes, Alicia, Andrew, Bob, Camille, Carla, David, Donna, Eloise, Frederic, Gilbert, Gloria, Hazel, Joan, and Klaus

    What Tornado Almost Changed AMERICAN POP CULTURE?
    On April 5th, 1936, a devastating tornado ravaged Tupelo, Mississippi, killing more than 200 residents. One of those who survived the devastation was a little boy by the name of Elvis Aaron Presley!

    Sandi Duncan is the Managing Editor of the Farmers' Almanac. Click here to read Sandi's full biography.

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