The Hurricane That Wasn’t

If you didn’t heard much about Hurricane Kyle, it is probably because it was only scheduled to hit the State of Maine over the weekend. To say that hurricanes and Maine are a rare occurrence is an understatement. Since records have been kept, the only true hurricanes to hit Maine have been:

New England Hurricane of 1938

Atlantic Hurricane of 1944
Carol in 1954

Edna in 1954

Donna in 1960

Gloria in 1985

Bob in 1991

The first four were before my time and I don’t recall Donna. I was in Toronto, Canada promoting the Farmers’ Almanac during both Gloria and Bob.Then, this weekend, the media hyped a Hurricane Kyle strike and broke into programming for updates. The end result, Kyle went out to sea and hit the Maritimes in Canada.

In the South, people wisely evacuate when a storm approaches. Friends on the Coast told me it was crowded with people hoping to see the waves on the rockbound coast. As it ended, it was just a rainy weekend with little or no wind. Since the Farmers’ Almanac only called for rain, it was just fine by me.

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12 years ago

Well, given the gas shortage in the Southeast U.S., the financial crisis and Ike-related hurricane damage, I’m glad Maine – and the rest of the county – had a chance to dodge a bullet. Hopefully, we’ll be spared a lot more hurricanes this year.