Time to Think Locally

Spring is here! Gardening season is fast approaching. For many of us in northern sections of the country, warmer seasons also mean fresher vegetables and fruits. Growing your own vegetables and/or buying them locally are great ways to eat healthier and live more green.

Coming soon to farmersalmanac.com will be ideas on how you can grow your own vegetables even if you don’t have much of a backyard. If growing them isn’t in your plans, what about checking out a CSA — community supported agriculture plot.

A CSA is usually a local farm that offers “shares” from its garden. You purchase a share which means you help cover the costs of farm operation, and in return you are able to share in the farm’s harvest. There is an upfront cost to this but the rewards are fresh, organic foods that are healthier are locally grown.

Spring and summer are great seasons for being outdoors. Why not make this season the one you try to get in tune with nature by growing flowers, vegetables, or herbs. Start small and see how well it goes. It’s exciting and rewarding to grow your own “ingredients.” You may also have a new found respect for farmers.

Happy Spring.

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