Almanac Throwback Crafts – Make A Toilet Tissue Caddy!

This clever craft how-to appeared in the 1978 Farmers' Almanac Craft Book, dedicated to home crafters. Learn how to make a tissue caddy using coffee cans!

This clever craft how-to appeared in the 1978 edition of the Farmers’ Almanac Craft Book, a promotional edition dedicated to home crafters. In this vintage craft tutorial, learn how to make a toilet tissue caddy out of coffee cans!

Make A Toilet Tissue Caddy


Bathroom storage space at a premium? Then make yourself one of these little caddies. It will stand in the corner and silently hold 4 rolls of tissue. It takes up very little space and if you cover it with one of your matching towels it will truly look as though it belongs.

You Will Need:

Three 2# coffee cans
1” wide masking tape
2” wide carpet tape*
One hand towel

*Glue can be used but I found it worth the trip to the store to get the carpet tape. It makes the job go much faster and is certainly less messy. The towel can easily be removed for washing.

1. Remove bottoms from two of the three cans. Stack these cans on top of the third, lining up the back seams. Hold the cans together by wrapping around each joining with a single strip of the masking tape.

2. Wrap a strip of the carpet tape around the bottom of the container just above the metal rim. Wrap a strip of the tape around the top of the container about 1/8” below the metal rim. This will allow space for the plastic cover to be put on later. Run one strip of the tape down the full length of the back seam. (Fig. 1)


3. Place one end edge of the towel along the bottom edge of the container. The side edge of the towel should be placed down the middle of the vertical strip of tape. Wrap the towel around the container pressing it to the tape along both the top and bottom edges as you go. Towels vary in length, but we found that the wide of all those we tried (16”) fit the circumference of the cans perfectly. If yours doesn’t, simply cut it to fit. No hemming is needed.

4. Cut off any excess toweling at the top of the can 1/8” down from the metal rim.

Note: If your towel has a pattern that should be centered, you may need to cut excess fabric from both ends of the towel along the top and bottom edges of the container. This should be done before pressing the towel in place.


After cutting the excess toweling from around the top edge of the container we had enough fabric left over to cover the plastic top from one of the cans.

1. Cut a strip of carpet tape 1” wide and long enough to fit around the edge of the plastic lid. Press tape to the side edge of the lid. Fold the extra width over the top and press to hold.

2. Cut a circle of toweling large enough to cover the top and extend halfway down the width of the side edge. Press into place.

3. Cover the remaining exposed edge of the rim with a narrow band of ribbon or cord to cover the cut edge of the toweling and give a more finished look.

4. Poke a hole through the toweling and plastic in the middle of the top. Thread a length of cord through this hole and knot on the underside. The loop will allow you to remove the top without putting undue wear and tear on the side edges and the trim will hold its place better.

Notes: Using heavyweight toweling or other fabric helps to disguise those tell-tale ridges around the coffee cans. If you use adhesive-backed paper or lightweight fabric, you might prefer to first cover the container with lightweight poster board so it will have a smooth surface.

This craft project was created by Carol Duvall and illustrated by Joyce Martin.

If you decide to make this caddy, share the image of it with us on our Facebook page!

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