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5 Cool Container Gardening Ideas

Container gardening gets a cool upgrade! If you are looking for some clever container gardening ideas that make a real splash, you'll love this list.

Looking for unusual container gardening ideas? Reuse some of those common containers hanging around your house and turn them into unusual but effective pots for plants!

5 Cool Container Gardening Ideas

  1. Colander. Everyone has an old metal or plastic colander kicking around the house somewhere. It can be painted any color and comes with plenty of drainage.
  2. Tool Box. If you’ve ever been to a garage sale, you’ve most likely seen one with three worn out screwdrivers, two broken tape measures, and one rusted hammer in it. Bring it home and put some plants in it.
  3. Tea Kettle. What to do with the old tea kettle once you buy the shiny new one? Make it a planter.
  4. Plumbing Fixtures. Sinks, toilets, washbasins—all work great and look funky.
  5. Dresser Drawers. Easy to come by. Leave them in the dresser or use them by themselves.

Looking for more clever upcycling ideas? Check out this list of 30! 

Butch Mockler is a New Jersey native now living in Southern Maine with his wife and son (and hound dog). He’s a woodworker by trade, a writer in his spare time and an avid fisherman and bow hunter. He also comes from a long line of fine Italian home cooks, and has discovered a new passion in gardening and homesteading. His article, Small Space Gardening Ideas, appears in the 2019 Farmers' Almanac.

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Love these awesome garden planters my Aunt Anna always used a claw foot tub in her yard it was fill with purple iris’s.

Betty Martin

Love planter ideas

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