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Hurricane Tips: Be Prepared!

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Hurricane Tips: Be Prepared!

-Develop or review a family hurricane safety plan.
-Learn safe routes inland.
-Find out where official shelters are located.
-Ensure that you have enough nonperishable food and water on hand.

-Prepare to cover all windows and doors, preferably with plywood.
-Prepare disaster supply kit (see below).
-Move lightweight objects inside.
-Fuel and service family vehicles.
-Have extra cash on hand.

-Complete preparation activities.
-Follow instructions issued by local officials.
-If told to evacuate, do so immediately.
-Leave mobile homes.
-Notify family living outside the warned area of your plans.
-Fill the bathtub and large containers with water for sanitary purposes.
-Turn off propane tanks.
-Unplug small appliances.

-Stay inside.
-Stay away from windows and doors (even if boarded).
-Move to a small interior room on the first floor.

(Continued Below)

-Wait until an area is declared safe before returning.
-Do not drive into flooded roadways.
-Do not allow children to play in flooded areas.
-Use flashlights (not candles) for emergency lighting.
-Beware of downed power lines that may be electrically charged.
-Use the telephone only for emergency calls.

-3-day supply of water (1 gallon per person per day)
-Food that won’t spoil (canned and dried goods)
-Prescription medicines
-First aid kit
-Battery-powered radio
-Flashlight with extra batteries
-Extra set of clothing and shoes for each person
-One blanket or sleeping bag per person
-Hand (manual) can opener
-Special items for infants, elderly, or disabled family members

In addition, have the following readily available and sealed in a moisture-proof package:
-Valuable papers (insurance)
-Extra money or a credit card.

Source: National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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1 comment

1 Bob Boland { 02.20.14 at 9:25 am }

Along with your insurance papers, include pictures of everything thing you wish to be replaced! Your insurance policy contains a statement called PROOF OF LOSS, You must prove what you are claiming was lost and how much it cost. Take a picture and make a statement as to value and est. time you bought it. Before the storm, store or secure all items that can be blown against your house or your neighbors home as it becomes a ramrod when propelled by high winds. Unless you are hit with a Cat 3,4,5 storms most storm damage is caused by falling trees, limbs, etcs. so cut trees and limbs that endanger your house before any storm…

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