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Top Ten Reasons NOT to Wish Winter Away

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Top Ten Reasons NOT to Wish Winter Away

10. No crowds at the beach.

9. Ice cream won’t melt on the way home from the store.

8. You don’t have to mow the grass or weed the garden (in most places anyway).

7. Winter comfort food – soups, chili, hot chocolate, homemade breads. . .

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6. Fires in your fireplace. There is something magical about watching a fire (don’t forget the marshmallows).

5. Cold weather is a good excuse to do nothing, without the guilt. Stay inside and catch up on good books, movies, or crafts. Especially good when temperatures really dip, and snow starts to fall.

4. Winter sports – winter is the only time you can go skiing, snowboarding, sled riding, ice skating, and more.

3. No humidity in the air (good for hair and for exercising).

2. No biting bugs.

1. Snow. There’s just something magical (until March) about the pretty white stuff that blankets the ground and trees. It’s almost like someone dusts our landscape with powdered sugar. Enjoy it — make snowmen, have a snowball fight, go sled riding, take pictures of it.

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1 joe b { 03.09.14 at 10:18 pm }

Clearly written by a southerner: when the temp hasn’t been above freezing for 3 months, the roads are nothing but packed ice, and the inside of the house is covered in ash from the wood stove… all of these “benefits” are completely absurd.

2 Susanne Spindler { 03.07.14 at 8:28 pm }

I know I’m in the minority but I have always loved winter! That nasty little ice storm that knocked out power wasn’t much fun but….we made it & can talk about in the years to come!

3 nancy { 03.07.14 at 6:43 pm }

If your lawn looked pretty skimpy last summer and fall, go out and scatter grass seed all over the snow and when it melts it will pull it down into the ground and it will sprout .. your lawn will look real nice

4 Diane { 03.07.14 at 4:37 pm }

10. To cold to enjoy the beach!!!
9. Ice Cream does melt in the car on the way home after a day of shopping and a warm car
8. I’d rather mow grass and pull weeds than shovel snow
7. Maybe comfort foods, but only if you want to look like a bear getting ready to hybernate!
6. Lots of bugs brought in with the firewood, we heat with wood, also extra cleaning to clean up after wood bark, dirt, dust, bugs, smoke
5. I’m feed up with staing inside! To cold to go outside way to long this winter, goingf stir crazy here in Central MN
4. to cold to enjoy winter sports outdoors most of this winter, noy enough days warm enough to make them enjoyable!
3. no humidity, dry skin, static hair and clothes, give me some humidity please!
2. The only one I can agree with at least a little.
1. Snow -yes its magical around Christmas, after that its a PIA! And it takes forever to melt so I can plant my garden. Last 2 years planted three times trying to get things in, this year looks no better!
Give me a nice Spring, Summer anf Fall especially over the winter we’ve had this year any time. I can get out and get some real exercise I enjoy during those three seasons, instead of trying to figure out how to keep those nasty pounds from creeping on every winter!

5 JJ { 03.07.14 at 9:54 am }

I like winter because I do Not have to do Yard work! 🙂

6 Julia Ambrose { 03.07.14 at 9:52 am }

“pittle around” – I like that. Haven’t heard that expression in a long time. I “putter” a lot, when I am not doing anything specific or major but I get a lot done.

7 Diane Thomas { 03.07.14 at 9:41 am }

10. Too cold for me to go, too. 9.Who buys ice cream in winter. 8. True, but not shovelling snow or sliding on ice is nice. 7. Do you know how fat I’m getting? 6. Soot, heat up chimmney,firewood to bring in,with bugs. 5. No guilt? refer to 7 above. miss my gardening exercise, swimming, baseball. 4. Refer to 5. 3. Skin so dry it is cracking. 2. Biting cold. 1. So true! Doesn’t take long to have enough of its problems though.

8 Phyllis { 03.07.14 at 8:45 am }

I love winter but I’m a cold weather person. My poor hubby loves being out and about in his yard and loves gardening. Winter is pretty hard on him…he is “chomping at the bit” to get out and pittle around in his yard…we are having pretty nice temps right now. 57* today so maybe he’ll find something to do…

9 Susie Sinclair { 03.07.14 at 8:39 am }

These are good! Also, snowmobiling!!! Also , so many countries have such lack of water and we have an abundance!

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