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Weather Update: When will it Warm up?

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Weather Update: When will it Warm up?

So far it has been a rather chilly spring across the eastern two-thirds of the continent, (just as the Farmers’ Almanac predicted).  Although spring officially began on March 20, 2009, with the Vernal Equinox, “meteorological spring” began on March 1 and runs through the end of May.  In this regard, spring kicked off on a wintry note with a late-season snowstorm on March 1-2, with some areas of the Northeast seeing a foot or more of snow.  In terms of mean temperatures, readings in March and April averaged near or just below seasonal norms; the first half of both months saw bouts of unseasonably chilly weather, while the latter halves saw milder temperatures. In parts of the East, an unusually early season heat wave, with temperatures approaching 90-degrees occurred during April 25-28, 2009.

But if anyone though that this was a precursor to a warm and sunny May, they were most definitely wrong. In fact, many places in the Northeast and Middle Atlantic region saw a seemingly endless siege of cloudy, cool and wet weather during the first ten days of the month. And over the Midwest, the clash between moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and unseasonably cool weather descending from the Northern Plains touched off severe weather with damaging winds and even tornadoes over parts of Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and Arkansas.

Over the Far West, March was unseasonably chilly, but things warmed up during April.  In stark contrast to the cool, damp weather in the East, May in the West has been hot, with deadly brush fires, especially around the Santa Barbara area.

In Canada spring has also been quite cool, cold enough to bring spring snow as late as last week in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

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For those who yearn for the warm weather to stay, summer is coming, but it may take awhile to feel like it.

Will it stay wet and cool for Memorial Day? Get your region’s outlook now.

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