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Weather Words Quiz

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Weather Words Quiz

You probably think about the weather almost every day, but have you ever noticed how much our speech is literally and figuratively under the weather?

Certain people strike us as stuffy, chilly, cool, cold, icy, or frigid, while others seem to radiate a warm and sunny disposition. Because temperature, moisture, and wind conditions are so important in our lives, a variety of weather patterns blow hot and cold through many of the descriptive phrases in our speech and writing. Hopefully this article will not make you feel under the weather, a common expression that comes to us from the language of sailors. On the high seas when the wind starts to blow hard and the water becomes rough, crewmen and travelers go below deck and down to their cabins in order to ride out the storm and avoid becoming seasick. In this way they literally retreat to a location “under the weather.”

Now that you’re getting acclimated to the concept of weather metaphors, see if you can complete each phrase below

1. ______s of laughter
2._____ in a teapot
3. steal someone’s______
4. greased_______
5._______ side up
6. a _____ from the blue
7. a ______ fund
8. a ______ job
9. a __________ tour
10. a ______ of applicants
11. ______  assets
12. shoot the  _______
13. brain_________
14. break the ________
15. take a ________ check

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