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Will Autumn Bring Relief?

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Will Autumn Bring Relief?

Last week, we finally revealed our long-awaited forecast for the winter of 2012-13.

With that question answered, however, many of you are still clamoring to find out what the next couple of months will bring.

After a long, hot, dry summer, those in drought-stricken areas will be happy to learn that the Farmers’ Almanac forecast promises some relief in the months to come.

The forecast for the autumn months can be summed up in three words: wet, wet, wet!

(Continued Below)

Stormy weather is expected to threaten much of the country, from the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains, in early September, including at least two hurricane threats near the middle of the month for the Gulf of Mexico and the Southeastern Coast. Later in the month, a tropical storm could threaten the Northeast.

Moving into October, fair skies will return for a few days before the weather shifts once again to more seasonable conditions. Look for snow in the Rockies as early as the first week of the month.

We expect wet weather to continue through much of October, though the end of the month should be pleasant for trick-or-treaters in most areas, turning stormier once you get west of the Rockies.

Those conditions will persist as November opens, with fair skies along the East Coast and Great Lakes, and stormy conditions to the west. Wet weather will move eastward in time for the the ING New York City Marathon. During the second week of the month, light snow could fall over much of the country, with flurries indicated for every region except the Pacific Northwest.

Continued cold, unsettled weather is expected for the following weeks, with snow predicted for New England, the Rockies, and the Southwest over Thanksgiving weekend, and wet, stormy weather elsewhere.

For more detailed predictions for your region, be sure to check out our long-range forecast!

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1 Shay { 09.25.12 at 3:34 pm }

What about Texas cause we had a hell of a summer I hope we will have a winter cause last year that was nothing

2 Jaime McLeod { 09.26.12 at 9:05 am }

Janet, You didn’t give a location, but you can find our full forecast for that day here:

3 Janet Baldwin { 09.23.12 at 4:48 pm }

Nov 22 Thanksgiving week be sunny or rainey?

4 kdee256 { 09.16.12 at 11:16 pm }

I just wish there would be a big snow prediction for Alabama! We love the snow but have not had a good one since the blizzard of 1993. My kids wish for snow every winter but we only see flurries every now and then.

5 Jaime McLeod { 09.12.12 at 12:02 pm }

Sheila – Hard to say since you didn’t give your location, but you can find our forecast for that day here:

6 Sheila { 09.12.12 at 10:41 am }

I am getting outside October 6th…what kind of weather can I expect…and by that I mean wet or dry And will it be sunny???

7 michael { 09.12.12 at 5:19 am }

I’m getting married on November 23 in southeastern pa. What kind of weather can I expect?

8 mcarpenter2000 { 09.06.12 at 11:14 am }

I feel like the MIDWEST gets over-looked in these predictions. I’m talking about middle
Illinois and St. louis, MO areas. Everyone can bet on snow in the rockies, the
New England states, Chicago, Minnesota,etc. We are the guys who never can bank on
anything (unless it’s a full moon — wet, windy, and cooler). Illinois just can’t be clumped
into the number two region.

9 Jeff Perren { 09.05.12 at 2:56 pm }

A useful overview but could you please include the Inland Northwest in your summary? “The Rockies” is close, but not that close and those in Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and elsewhere are equally interested in your forecasts.


10 Diana from CNY { 09.05.12 at 11:29 am }

If we could be granted our weather wishes, I would wish for normal! Not too dry or wet, not too warm or cold. Not realistic? Well that’s why they are called wishes.

11 Johnna { 09.05.12 at 10:51 am }

I don’t look forward to an overly cold winter, however I am ready for wet, wet, wet. The Wind River Range is in horrible shape and we need lots of snow pack up high and rain and snow in the foothills.

12 Grandin { 09.03.12 at 6:01 pm }

I’m at the southern tip of lake michigan i hope we get a early cold blast that stays and some snow to make up for last winter. I’d love to forget about last winter to warm with little snow and little cold days 🙁

13 Norma { 09.03.12 at 2:32 pm }

When does it look like the cold will settle in for good in the northeast? PA in particular. Will this be the type of year when well have good amounts of snow before winter even comes in December? October looks mild but i hope and pray that the warmth does not linger into November and even the winter!! im looking foward to the perfect autumn days without the record warmth! thanks for the outlook.. impatiently waiting on the arrival of fall and winter

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