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Hop Into Spring with Our Easter Forecast!

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Hop Into Spring with Our Easter Forecast!

Wondering if you’ll need to wear a rain slicker over your Sunday best this Easter? Hoping your kids won’t need to use a snow shovel to find their Easter eggs? We’re predicting a soggy Easter for much of North America. Find your area below to find out what you can expect:

Northeastern U.S.
Another coastal storm! More wind, rain and snow, just in time for Easter.

Great Lakes
Becoming stormy by Easter time for Wisconsin, Michigan.

Southeastern U.S.
Thunderstorms Gulf Coast and much of Southeast, followed by clearing.

(Continued Below)

North Central U.S.
Rain for Colorado east by Easter Sunday; hefty thunderstorms for Kansas.

South Central U.S.
Mainly cloudy Southern Rockies; some rain for Texas.

Northwestern U.S.
Another round of stormy weather by Easter weekend across Washington and Oregon, spreading east.

Southwestern U.S.
Mixed bag (or is it a basket?) for Easter: rain for Utah; gusty thunderstorms for Arizona. Changeable elsewhere.

Tranquil for Easter.

Canadian Maritimes
Yet another coastal storm! More wind, rain and snow for Easter.

Very unsettled over western and central Ontario for Easter; clouds increase farther east.

Plains Provinces
Very unsettled over western and central Ontario for Easter; clouds increase farther east.

British Columbia
Stormy for Easter.

Be sure to check our long range forecast to see more predictions for the weeks and months ahead!

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1 papapablo { 03.29.13 at 5:11 pm }

Folk lore in Texas says that if it rains on Easter Sunday, it will rain for the next 7 Sundays. We are all praying for that one to prove true this year! 🙂 We need the rain to break out of this drought.

2 diane { 03.22.13 at 8:41 pm }

Would this cold snap count as a “dogwood winter” this year? Or do our dogwoods need to be in full bloom while we have snow covered on them for it to count? They are calling for 2-4 inches of snow here in Richmond, Va… so our dogwood trees will be covered in snow but nothing is blooming yet. It looks like its the heart of winter rather than late March. No easter lillies for us 🙁

3 Mike { 03.20.13 at 12:50 pm }

I’ve been waiting for a snow pack to protect against another hot dry summer growing season, so as inconvenient as it may seem, snow is just what we need

4 Laura Miller { 03.20.13 at 11:51 am }

We are praying for moisture over the Easter weekend or any weekend for that, we are 3+ inches below 2012 and that was one of the worst drought years in 10 years, we hope to break that or we will be headed for the worst drought in 50+ years.

5 Debbie Grutzmacher { 03.20.13 at 10:08 am }

I’m hoping the same thing. It is -15 windchill today in MN.

6 Cat { 03.20.13 at 9:47 am }

Enough already! My only hope is that this long winter creates a fruitful growing season.

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