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What Cities Have the Worst Winter Weather?

What a winter! Outside my (NJ) office, all I see is white. This morning as I drove to a meeting, I was thankful that I don’t have to commute to work and that I live in NJ, where we don’t have to get out of the nice warm car and  pump our own gas. I was also thinking about all the snow covered cars the car dealers around town have to clean off. No wonder people get tired of snow.

All of this snow got me thinking about who has the worst winter weather.  In the 2011 Farmers’ Almanac, we released a list of the “Worst Winter Weather” Cities. We based the list  on a  number of meteorological factors including average  winter temperatures, humidity, precipitation, and the number of overcast days. To ensure that the uncomfortable weather actually affects a significant number of people, we considered only cities with populations of at least 50,000 people.

The following is the list we came up with.

1. Syracuse, New York,with “cold, clammy, snowy” weather from October -April, plus 120″+ of snow

2. Duluth, Minnesota, with January temperatures averaging in at a mere 16°F

3. Casper, Wyoming, with 181 days of sub-freezing temperatures each year

4. Cleveland, Ohio, with bone-chilling winds sweeping down off of Lake Erie

5. Detroit, Michigan, where two out of every three winter days are overcast.

While these cities statistically are known to have rough winter weather, we could argue that the past two winters have turned averages slightly upside down. Last winter, the Washington DC, Virginia and other southern states got pounded. This year Connecticut, New York City and some other Mid-Atlantic States have seen more than their share of snow. So, now that this winter is here, we’d like to know — should your city have been on the list? Or what other cities do you think should be added? Share your thoughts here.

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  • jake says:

    everybody knows minnesota got the coldest winters. hey this is one funny joke,the way to scare people and make them think youre tough is to say hey man i’ve been through minnesotas winters man you better watch out. lol

  • donna scholze says:

    I nave been told that Ironwood,Mi. hits well over 100 inches every year.!

  • DC says:

    That is one list I am happy we are not on. Generally speaking, most people think of Colorado and conclude it snows here all the time. For the most part it stays in the mountains and we have had an extremely mild winter this year. No complaints from this side of the states.

  • LaNita says:

    Im surprised that St. Louis, Missouri wasn’t in the list.
    Up north is always more colder though.

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