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What is “Perfect” Summer Weather?

What is “Perfect” Summer Weather?

What is “perfect weather”? Does it exist? Human beings are as different as the weather itself, and one person’s idea of paradise is another’s misery. Case in point: we recently asked Farmers’ Almanac visitors what their perfect summer day would look like. The answers varied wildly. Some of you wanted a super hot day to lounge at the beach, while others preferred a gray morning with thunderstorms at night. No matter what weather each of you enjoys most, though, it’s clear that, for Farmers’ Almanac readers, family and friends are the most important component of a perfect summer day. Here’s a look at some of your answers:

Perfect summer weather is when I can escape the heat of the city and keep cool under the pines up in the mountains…a cool 68 degrees is about perfect!

My perfect Summer weather would be 90 degrees, a nice breezy sunny day, preferably spent on a beach, water to splash around in to stay cool, a hammock to rest in and my husband, family and friends nearby.

Summer? A warm, sunny day, about 75-80 degrees, with a very gentle breeze. Our backyard deck with lots of family and friends, for us and the kids; pool in full swim, volleyball net set up, can-jam set up, grill sizzling, cooler full of ice cold beverages, shade umbrellas popped up, lots of stories, laughter and fun. Then in the evening…warm gentle breeze, lights on and pool steaming, bonfire lit, s’mores being made, games and music being played on the deck, more laughter, stories and good times!

A perfect summer day: me with a glass of cool lemonade, eating watermelon sitting in my yellow Adirondack chair on the deck mid afternoon with a light breeze and clear skies whilst visiting with family. Life is good!

The perfect summer weather is when you can open the windows and not be dependent on the power company to be comfortable. It doesn’t have to be sunny all the time. The rain makes everything smell fresh and new. The temperature can be anything between 60 and 85 degrees and l am happy!

Perfect summer weather is a cool 70 degrees, light breeze, low humidity, sunny day. That way we can take the RV out and do lots of hiking, and taking pictures of all the wildlife/scenery. Gotta love it.

Perfect summer day is 70—80 degrees, partly cloudy, slight breeze, birds singing while my little shadow (BJ, my min. Schnauzer) and I play in the dirt in the garden. Just pure Heaven!

The perfect summer day is a day when it’s already warm when you wake up, and you can wander outside with a cup of coffee, sit and read the paper with your toes in the dew on the grass, and listen to your kids playing in their backyard with the dogs. Then, with the air thick with the smell of lilacs and fresh cut grass, it would be hot enough to get out the old slip n’ slide and start up the grill. The night would end with really awesome thunderstorms that you can watch from the porch with a cold beer.

Since I have health issues and can’t be out in the sun, the best summer weather for me is anywhere from 60-75 overcast day. On days like this I can tend to my flower gardens.

Temperatures in the mid to upper 70s with a slight breeze. The smell of meat being grilled, the sounds of laughter and conversation, the joy of being with family and/or friends relaxing and enjoying a delightful summer day.

Around 75 degrees, slight breeze, big fluffy clouds and me sitting on the glider watching my four grandchildren playing in the yard

The perfect summer weather? Waking up to fresh dew on the grass and a slight breeze. A few really fluffy white clouds in the sky are always a beautiful sight. Low to mid 80’s temp for a daytime high with cooler nights for a great night’s sleep with the windows open. Perfect.

My perfect summer day is hot (90-100 degrees) during the day so the kids and I can spend the day at the pool, and cool in the evening/night time hours (60ish) so I can leave the windows open! I love the thunderstorms, but only at night because during they day they interfere with our outdoor activities!

My definition of perfect summer weather begins with a clear blue sky where the sun slowly warms the air while drying the morning dew, heats the day to only moderate temperatures with little to no humidity, and floats effortlessly into nightfall where it is replaced with radiant moonlight, an abundance of stars and a light breeze!

Weather that is warm enough during the day to swim in the creek. Yet cool enough at night to sit around the warm campfire roasting marshmallows

I live in central Florida where summers are hot, humid and filled with daily thunderstorms. I treat summers here like northern folk treat winters. I hibernate. So, my perfect summer weather usually occurs between September and April when I don’t melt!

The perfect summer weather for me is about 75 degrees. There would be a slight, balmy breeze, and on that breeze one could smell honeysuckle, roses, jasmine, and cilantro growing in the garden. The sounds would be of birds singing in the pines, water burbling in the fountain, and the joyful screams of the neighborhood kids splashing in their wading pools…sigh…I just can’t wait…

The perfect weather for a summer day to me is the one that starts out with a grey sky. Light showers throughout the early part of the day. Letting the kids run around and dance in the rain. Then the rain getting stronger, having them come in and wrap up in towels, sitting in the living room with the door open to freshen the house with the cool rain smell, while we read, play games and just enjoy each others company. The day ending with us watching the lightning show.

75 degrees, pitcher of lemonade on the picnic table during the day and watching fireflies and stars in the sky at night. Gotta have the occasional thunderstorm to make my garden grow. A nice breeze so my kids can pitch the tent in the backyard and breathe the fresh country air while they sleep.

What’s your idea of a perfect summer weather? Be sure to share here.

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  • cc says:

    The smell of spring, lilacs, the warm air in the breeze, coffee on the patio in the morning, thunderstorms, (I am from Minnesota), no humidity, as I do not live there now. Lots of sun, late and long days.

  • Lorraine Measor says:

    The perfect summer weather is about 80C and sunny and S.W, winds at about 15 knots for some good sailing!

  • Mary berry says:

    Perfect summer day is up to 75 degrees, sunny, with a slight breeze to keep the air fresh and clean, bringing with it the perfume of all the flowers I planted in the spring….birds chirping and bees buzzing everyone happy!

  • Katie says:

    The perfect day is about 90 degrees and sunny. Some breeze maybe but lying on the beach, sleeping under a blanket in the sun is my favorite way to spend a nice summer day.

  • myperfectweather says:

    I have been studying this thoroughly on my blog. I guess for me 72-75, light winds, mainly clear skies, and low humidity is perfect. I think the point is, it’s different for everyone and from what I’ve learned, the location of “perfect” weather moves around the nation. Though California does come up frequently.

  • tstorm says:

    In the summer you have to love the big thunderstorms that roll in during the late afternoon. Nothing is better than a hot day that turns into a storm. The smell of the rainfall on the hot surface is something that brings back memories of my childhood.
    I get so excited when the weather turns stormy.

  • Buckidog says:

    Perfect Summer day is typically a day that starts off with overnight showers and a temp around 65, progressing into a partly cloudy day with a temp of around 75 and plenty of sunshine to dry up the rain. Night comes around 10 pm here in Ohio in the summer so anything around 65 is nice. Winter is hell and I typically enjoy any warm weather in the Ohio Valley.

  • Cassie says:

    My perfect summer day is no summer at all. Anything above 60 is too warm for me and anything above 70 is too hot. I wish it was winter and bitter cold and snowy all year round! That would be my perfect “summer” day 🙂

  • Aliza says:

    i noted that many of the perfect summer days include children. relationships are what make a day perfect – especially relationships with children. i am reading a book about PLAY and how healthy it is for your intellect and emotions… and how having children around gives adults a perfect play opportunity.

  • cindy says:

    My perfect summer day would be a big thunderstorm

  • ROADHOBOS says:

    I fully agree with the following “The perfect summer weather is when you can open the windows and not be dependent on the power company to be comfortable. It doesn’t have to be sunny all the time. The rain makes everything smell fresh and new. The temperature can be anything between 60 and 85 degrees and l am happy!”

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