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What State Has the Best Gardening Weather?

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What State Has the Best Gardening Weather?
America was founded on agriculture. Every state has the ability to grow crops. The central part of the US,  Florida and California  are  major producers of foods shipped world-wide. When it comes down to the ultimate question about what state has the best weather for gardening here is how you voted:
North Carolina – 20%
Kentucky          – 13%
Texas               – 11%
California         – 11%
Florida              – 11%
Missouri            – 8%
New Jersey       – 7%
Others               – 19%
So what are the others states were mentioned? In total 39 states received votes.

I would think the best state for gardening would be Alaska, not interior Alaska but along the inside passage to Anchorage.  They have plenty of rain, no hot scorching summers and more sunlight in summer than anywhere else.  I have been in that area and if they can grow them gorgeous flowers why not produce.  Alaska has my vote.

Washington State
 Washington State, specifically central Washington from Wenatchee to Spokane.

Cold winters for the verbalization of fruit trees and flowering shrubs and pest control. Clear, warm and dry summers with low humidity and fertile soils…courtesy of the Ice Age. Lastly, long days at 48 degrees + North.

Az actually has 2 growing seasons. One is from Sept. – Feb. and the other runs Feb. – May. Some people can grow year round, even tomatoes. My trick is to water them and to plant draught resistant plants.

It may sound weird, but I vote for Maine. Our winters kill the pests. But from May – October, we can grow some of the best blueberries and potatoes. We spend our winters “getting ready for spring and summer”.
Agree or disagree, America has great soil and weather. If you know  what to expect, you can grow almost anything. If you have an opinion. let us hear from you.


1 Best States for Gardening Weather – Best and Worst States { 06.15.17 at 10:32 am }

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2 M. D. Vaden Portland Landscaping & Tree { 10.30.09 at 10:12 am }

Hard to say if there is a best state for gardening. A best region within a state might be an easier pick or vote. Two of the best areas I’ve seen are around Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass and Applegate Valley in Oregon. Also Brookings, Oregon. Then a bunch of communities from San Francisco to near the Eureka, California, area. Savannah, Georgia seemed pretty good to for many things.

MDV / Oregon

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