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Winter, Global Warming, Groundhog Day…

Everyone is talking about the weather and it’s impact on our lives. Managing Editor, Sandi Duncan, Philom. was a guest on CNN American Morning earlier today. The setting was a park in NYC and the question – where’s the snow. Yes, NYC has been spared the misery of winter (so far) , but all around the Northeast, Midwest, and West, there has been more than ample snows and cold this winter.

The interviewer touched on Global Warming. Sandi and the Farmers’ Almanac recognize that gas emissions are not helping our quality of life. Ever since 1818 when the Farmers’ Almanac started, we have provided useful advice, tips and articles on ways to live in harmony with our great planet. In the 2008 edition we have an article that suggests ways we can all live more responsibly and, peppered throughout this site, we offer unique ways we can live life in a more sustainable fashion.

The question posed to Sandi “is this year’s wild weather due to Global Warming?” Her response and the Almanac’s is ” we don’t take global warming into consideration when doing our forecasts. Our predictions are based on a formula that takes solar cycles, astronomical data and others factors into play, but not global warming.” There are obvious warming trends, however, our long-range outlook for a cold winter on the East has been every accurate. But, why hasn’t NYC seen snow? That is a good question and according to our predictions, winter is far from over. A couple months ago there was great concern about the drought that had gripped the Southeast. We felt that this winter would be wet for this zone and Mother Nature has really “poured it on”

But, in the meantime, we all need to do our part and protect the Earth. Greenhouse emissions do need to be reduced for obvious reasons. Farmers’ Almanac Television is all about “Sustainable Living”.

On Saturday morning we will hear form Punxsutawney Phil and other groundhogs about the rest of the winter. We think there is 6 more weeks but will give the little critters their time in the spotlight.

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