World Series Time Capsule 1908image preview

World Series Time Capsule 1908

It’s an exciting time to be a baseball fan — two teams with the longest title droughts in baseball history — the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs — are paired in this year’s World Series. The last time the Cubs won a World Series championship was in 1908 (the last time the Indians won was 1948).

In looking through the 1908 edition of the Farmers’ Almanac, we found out:

  • The U.S. had 19 cites with a population over 200,000 including:
    • NYC – 3,437,2020
    • Chicago – 1,608,575
    • Philadelphia – 1,293,697
    • Cleveland was # 7 on the list with 3811,789
  • Postage rates in 1908:
    • First Class – 2 cents an ounce or less
    • 2nd Class – 1 cent for newspaper or 1 cent for 4 oz. for others
    • Foreign – 5 cents an ounce, and 3 cents succeeding ounces
  • A Total Eclipse of the Sun occurred on January 9, 1908
  • The 47-story Singer Building in New York  was the tallest skyscraper in the world.

Photo Caption: This shot, taken from the Chicago Daily News collection, shows Opening Day at West Side Park in Chicago, on April 22, 1908. Retired 19th Century Chicago Cubs superstar Cap Anson is on the mound, delivering the traditional ceremonial “first ball” of the season. In 1908, the Cubs would go on to win the World Series championship.

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Tina ‍♀️Tinkerbell ‍♀️
Tina ‍♀️Tinkerbell ‍♀️
5 months ago

Has anyone not noticed that the comma’s are in the wrong place, and that there is ONLY a picture of the ball and glove. Yet the note: has that there is a picture of the”opening day” with Cap Anson at the mound? So… Where is this picture then??? Unless the ads are covering it up, which then Should be reported!!!

Tina ‍♀️Tinkerbell ‍♀️
Tina ‍♀️Tinkerbell ‍♀️
5 months ago

*photo caption:
Sorry, I put “note:” instead!